HongKiat.com defaced

You thought it will never happens to you but when it does are you prepared?

HongKiat.com was defaced yesterday. He lost his database and 2-3 days of posts.

Hong Kiat’s Fix:

1. Upgrade to WordPress 2.2.1

2. Restore the backup of the database. He was lucky to have one.

I visit Hong Kiat.com  almost everyday, his posts are quite good. It’s to know that he is back online.

Lesson to learn:

Make sure to always upgrade when a security patch is released. We don’t live in a perfect world anymore where people are nice and decent. Your best friend is prevention.

How to change the hostname in Linux

Changing your Linux machine’s hostname is easy. Just follow the steps below.

root# hostname [new-host-name]

root# vi /etc/sysconfig/network


root# vi /etc/hosts

Make sure your new host is updated in the hosts file.

root# service network restart


Duplicate ssh sessions without password prompt

I work with multiple ssh sessions whenever I connect to a server. Typically I would have about 3 sessions initiated from my host machine to the destination server.

Found away to duplicate my session without retyping my password every time I initiate a connection the the server from my host machine thanks to  Linux By Examples.

Add the following 2 lines to your /etc/ssh/ssh_config file and feature will be ready for you to use once you restart the sshd service.

ControlMaster auto
ControlPath ~/.ssh/socket-%r@%h:%p


read more

Picasa Web Albums now 1GB

picasa-web1.pngI was uploading some pictures to my picasa web album this morning and realized somthing new. I have 1GB of storage now, I used to only have 100MB a week back. This is sweet!!

If you need more storage you will need to pay and I have the price list. See below.

7GB (25USD/year)
26GB (100USD/year)
101GB (300USD/year)
251GB (500USD/year)

Upgrade Storage

Picasa Web Albums

Streamyx 4.0 mbps

streamyx_40mbps_promo.pngSaw the ad in the papers this morning. Streamyx at 4.0 mbps, hard to believe but yes it’s true.

The current promotion package is priced at RM198 /month, RM70 cheaper then the normal price 268/month. Promotion ends till June 17, 2007.

I’m thinkin hard if I sould jump on the deal or wait for feedback from others before I decide. Anyone out there interested or already running the new 4.0mbps package? I need your advice.

Source: Streamyx 4.0mbps

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