Tattoo and piercing shops in Malaysia


List of tattoo and piercing shops located around Malaysia. At the time of this post only 16 shops are registered at

I know there are loads of shops out there and freelance tattoo artist who are not registered online or registered on any directory services but I’ll try to digg up some information on them and get some future posts up on them.

Access the list of tattoo and piercing shops in Malaysia at

LPIC-1 Questions

Planning to sit the LPIC-1 exams soon? Need to get a feel for the questions?

Exja at Planet Malaysia has a brain dump of his LPIC-1 questions and answers for you to review and get comfortable with.

Here are some of the questions you can expect to see,

No.1 You want to save vi changes to the file myfile with : w!. but vi complains it can not write to the file. Therefore, you want to check the write permissions on the file. To do this without leaving vi, you type:

A. :!ls -l myfile
B. :\s -l myfile
C. esc:ls -l myfile
D. :?ls -l myfile

Answer: A

No.2 You are writing text in vi. Now you want to save your changes and exit. Which TWO sequence of inputs will accomplish this?

A. esc ZZ
B. ctrl : w!
C. esc zz
D. esc :wq!
E. ctrl XX


No.3 After starting vi to edit an existing text file. you press �A� (shift + a). This will let you:

A. insert text at the end of the current line
B. insert text at the end of the current sentence
C. insert text after your current cursor position
D. insert text at the end of the file
E. insert text at the end of your current paragraph


No.4 Which keystrokes will move the cursor 3 lines down and 4 characters to the right?

A. 3j4l
B. 3k4m
C. 3h4j
D. 3l4k
E. 3m4k


No.5 Select all the ways of exiting and saving a vi session.

A. :wq
B. :w
C. :ZZ
D. Shift zz
E. : x
F. :exit



LPIC-1 Questions & Answers (1 – 50)

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F’kn Mischief had a makeover

My buddy Alan gave his site an extreme makeover. It looks awesome now with the new layout, color scheme and graphics.

Make sure to drop by his site when you have some time. Pick up a Tee maybe….  AlanBernard

If you like his WP theme design, then maybe you could get him to design a custom theme for your site.

My domain name appraisal is worth USD224.00 based on LeapFish.

I looked up my friend’s sites too. Check them out, – $576.00 – $252.00 – $147.00 – $41.00

  1. AlanBernard – USD12.00
  2. EarMarcus – USD23.00
  3. Thaweesak – USD 34.00
  4. WingLoon – USD42.00

What’s your’s? Look it up at LeapFish

Source : ScreenShots

(Updated as the initial values were not accurate. thanks Wing Loon)

Finally watched Transformers the movie

transformers.jpgWOW!! After waiting my whole life to watch this movie I finally managed to catch it with my nephew today. The plan was to watch it at the IMAX theater in Times Square to experience the whole life size effect but due to bad sits we had to revert to GSC instead.

144minutes of pure entertainment. My eyes were glued to the screen from start to end trying to soak in every bit of detail. The movie was filled with just the right amount for drama, humor and action scenes which get complimented by the excellent graphics.

Megan Fox, new to the big screen managed to look hot throughout the whole movie working side by side with Shia LaBeouf and guardian Bumble Bee who transforms into an awesome yellow Chevy with racing stripes.  Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson played good soldiers working together with the autobots.

The autobots with their land vehicles were really something. Optimus prime, Mr.nice looked awesome as usual with his blue, red and flames to finish. Megatron on the other hand look liked he came straight from hell. Brutal totally brutal.

I came out of the movie with the feeling of total satisfaction. I was expecting as always a bad adaptation of a good comic but I was wrong big time. All the hype was totally worth it. The best part is, rumor has it that we will get 2 more sequels to the movie to look forward to in the future. I am planning to watch it again but in true IMAX.

Awesome movie, that was me and my opiniion being a die hard transformers fand since I was a kid. What about you, what’s your opinion?

 Transformers | Transformers Movie | Official Site

 IMDB – Transformers Movie

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