How to change the hostname in Linux

Changing your Linux machine’s hostname is easy. Just follow the steps below.

root# hostname [new-host-name]

root# vi /etc/sysconfig/network


root# vi /etc/hosts

Make sure your new host is updated in the hosts file.

root# service network restart


Duplicate ssh sessions without password prompt

I work with multiple ssh sessions whenever I connect to a server. Typically I would have about 3 sessions initiated from my host machine to the destination server.

Found away to duplicate my session without retyping my password every time I initiate a connection the the server from my host machine thanks to  Linux By Examples.

Add the following 2 lines to your /etc/ssh/ssh_config file and feature will be ready for you to use once you restart the sshd service.

ControlMaster auto
ControlPath ~/.ssh/socket-%r@%h:%p


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Picasa Web Albums now 1GB

picasa-web1.pngI was uploading some pictures to my picasa web album this morning and realized somthing new. I have 1GB of storage now, I used to only have 100MB a week back. This is sweet!!

If you need more storage you will need to pay and I have the price list. See below.

7GB (25USD/year)
26GB (100USD/year)
101GB (300USD/year)
251GB (500USD/year)

Upgrade Storage

Picasa Web Albums

Streamyx 4.0 mbps

streamyx_40mbps_promo.pngSaw the ad in the papers this morning. Streamyx at 4.0 mbps, hard to believe but yes it’s true.

The current promotion package is priced at RM198 /month, RM70 cheaper then the normal price 268/month. Promotion ends till June 17, 2007.

I’m thinkin hard if I sould jump on the deal or wait for feedback from others before I decide. Anyone out there interested or already running the new 4.0mbps package? I need your advice.

Source: Streamyx 4.0mbps

I want the Wii!!

260px-wii_wiimotea.pngGiving away a Nintendo Wii, that’s what John Chow is offering. I would really like to have one of those sweet looking Wii.

John Chow dot com is blog that helps you make money online .

The Wii is sponsored by and they make promotional pens .

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