Crash Masters at MRR2

I have been commuting to Cyber Jaya for the past 3 weeks and yesterday I heard some disturbing news about a new syndicate operating along the MRR2 highway. People call them the “Crash Masters“.

The “Crash Masters” drive recklessly along the highway and get you to crash into their vehicle from the back by applying emergency breaks. They are not after your cash or your vehicle, what they want is your insurance claims and towing business. Don’t be surprised if the tow truck gets there within 5 minutes. Most times you will find the tow guy immediately recommending you which mechanic to go to for your claims and also get your vehicle prep up for towing without even getting approval from you beforehand.

I am not sure if this really happens as I’ve not experienced it and don’t intend to but would want to advice everyone to be careful anyway. Make sure to keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you at all time to give you sufficient room to break when needed.

Hijackers using eggs.

Got this in my mail today… read on,

Hi Everyone,

I want to bring a very serious issue to your attention: 

The hijackers throw eggs at your vehicle, hoping that you then slow down and turn your wipers on. Once you turn your wipers on,
you cannot see anything. This is just what the hi-jackers want. They stand a few meters away, and once you have pulled over,
they attack and take your car. Maybe even your life.

In the event of this happening to you, just keep going. You’re advised to o pen your window slightly, put your head out the window
for vision and just keep driving, until you are safe.

Do you thing this really happens? I bet your wind screen gonna smell like rotten eggs.

Transformers Movie Update

7 . 4 . 7 is the date to remember. I bet you already know why….


Source: Jalopnik

Official Site

Only in Malaysia

Some fun pics I got in my mail. Only in Malaysia.

1. Awesome street sign. Let’s say it in English and BM in the same sentence.


2. This is what happens when it rains in KL


3. Astro in Johor


4. Clown on Kesas


5. Don’t litter, the right way!!


6. Ah long!!


7. Cicak Man!!


8. Rempit Crew in action..sigh….


9. GPS tracking?


10. Is it worth it or is he just dumb?


11.� Hmmmm… for sale?


Bash Completion on CentOS 5

I use the command line everyday at for work and home. Command switches a part of life but the problem is remembering switches. The man files have always helped and always will continue doing so.

Bash-completion came along to help in this area. It displays a list of a available switched for a specific command by simply hitting the TAB key twice. See screenshots below for clearer picture.

1. Download the rpm . Currently no packages available from the CentOS repos.

2. Install the rpm
#”rpm -ivh bash-completion-20060301-1.noarch.rpm”

3. Start a new shell or execute the command below
#”. /etc/bash_completion”

4. Test out your new shell enhancement
#”ls — [TAB][TAB]”



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