Build your own TUX toy

Interested in building your own Linux penguin? Print the template in full size, put it togather and finally unleash the penguin within….

10 Things a Linux person will not tell you

Talk to any Linux guy and this is what you will hear; Linux is good, Linux is stable, Linux is cool, I rebooted my box 3 years ago (my personal favorite), but there is a dark side see for your self. If you install Linux; 10) You will lose all your athletic abilities. You will…

Crash Masters at MRR2

I have been commuting to Cyber Jaya for the past 3 weeks and yesterday I heard some disturbing news about a new syndicate operating along the MRR2 highway. People call them the “Crash Masters“. The “Crash Masters” drive recklessly along the highway and get you to crash into their vehicle from the back by applying…


Hijackers using eggs.

Got this in my mail today… read on, Hi Everyone, I want to bring a very serious issue to your attention:  The hijackers throw eggs at your vehicle, hoping that you then slow down and turn your wipers on. Once you turn your wipers on, you cannot see anything. This is just what the hi-jackers want. They stand…