Tattoos Becoming More Accepted At Work

CBS posted a cool article regarding tattoos in the workplace yesterday.

Research found that 23% of college students have 1-3 tats,51% are pierced beyond the woman’s ears and 36% of 18-29 year olds have tats today. WOW!!

My favourite quote from the article read “Because you don’t like it or it offends you or you’re conservative in the workplace, I think you’ll miss a whole talent pool of people who are very bright well educated, smart and free thinking.It’s a shame. You never want to do that. You have to evolve.”

“It has to change, otherwise they’re going to be out of a workforce,”

Read the full article at CBS NEWS

Inter-generational tattoos


Awesome picture.

The photograph was taken by photographer Bruce Osborn during an interview about inter-generational tattoos.

“Her parents were tattooists and the girl got a huge shock when she entered a sent?, a public bath, for the first time. Until that event it was in her mind that all the adults must have tattoos. Everybody around the house had some and it was a very natural thing for her.” words from Bruce.

My parents would freak out on this…. but I think the idea will eventually start to sink in. The girl sends out a power message.

Original post at  boingboing

Inspecting the contents of an initrd file.

Today’s kernels are moving towards initramfs type initrd files. Initramfs is basicly a cpio archive so all we have to do is uncompress it’s contents to a temp folder.

The example below uses the file initrd.SLES10.x64.img from a SLES 10 implementaion.

#create a temp directory
>mkdir /tmp/initramfstmp
>cd /tmp/initramfstmp

#copy the initrd file to the temp folder
>cp initrd.SLES10.x64 /tmp/initramfstmp/initrd.SLES10.x64.img.gz

#uncompress the image file
>gunzip -v /tmp/initramfstmp/initrd.SLES10.x64.img.gz

#extract the contents of the cpio archive
>cpio -i < /tmp/initramfstmp/initrd.SLES10.x64.img

#list directory
>ls -l
View actually out put on next page:

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Flash Element TD

flash-element-td.pngA game based on Warcraft TD and desinged by David Scott.

If you have spare time or feel stressed as I do mostly all the time nowadays then this the game you should be playing. The idea of the game is to build towers in strategic areas on the map and prevent the creeps from moving forward. Involves quite good amount of thinking and strategy. Trust me once you start they ain’t no turning back!!

Play the game here.

The Ninja text tool

Like what you see? You can have the same effects at fodey.


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