Torrents: ISO Hunt shutdown by MPAA!!

The kind people at MPAA do it again. This time it’s isohunt. Hopefully the be back soon.

People have to wake up and smell the air. BitTorent ain’t a medium to share files. It’s up to the person sharing to keep the content clean. Will you shutdown a car company just cause one of it’s drivers used it to illegal race? Think about it…

Temporarily down (,,

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WordPress 2.0.7 Released | WordPress

wp-20-square-button.gifWordPress 2.0.7 has been realease to address a few security issue that showed up in 2.0.6. Everyone running 2.0.6 or lower are adviced to get this upgrade ASAP.

Change Log

  • Security fix for wp_unregister_GLOBALS() to work around the zend_hash_del_key_or_index bug in PHP 4 versions less than 4.4.3 and PHP 5 versions less than 5.1.4 with register_globals set to “On.”
  • Feeds now properly serve 304 Not Modified headers instead of mismatched 200/304 headers (a.k.a. the FeedBurner bug).
  • Backport of another 304 Not Modified fix from WordPress 2.1
  • Deleting WordPress Pages no longer gives an “Are You Sure?” prompt.
  • After deleting a WordPress Page, you are now properly redirected to the Edit Pages screen.
  • Sending an image at original size in Internet Explorer no longer adds an incorrect “height” attribute.

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eBook: Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

“Linux Kernel in a Nutshell”, Greg Kroah-Hartman’s new book is now available as a free download. If you prefer the printed version then head on over to (,

About the Author (thanks to Planete Beranger)
Greg Kroah-Hartman has been building the Linux kernel since 1996 and started writing Linux kernel drivers in 1999. He is currently the maintainer of the USB, PCI, driver core, and sysfs subsystems in the kernel source tree and is also one half of the -stable kernel release team. He created the udev program and maintains the Linux hotplug userspace project. He is a Gentoo Linux developer as well as the coauthor of the third edition of Linux Device Drivers (O’Reilly) and a contributing editor to Linux Journal. He also created and maintains the Linux Device Driver Kit. He currently works for SUSE Labs/Novell, doing various Linux kernel-related tasks.

Download the eBook here.

Tattooed Professors Recruit Students

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Wow, imagine what people in Malaysia would say to a professor like this, would they want their children under his supervision? I would certainly want my children to.

Christopher Helland, showed up in the recruitments ad for the DALHOUSIE university in Canada. Christoper teaches Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University.

Me tattooed my self and being constantly scrutinized for my love of tattoos to see people opening up like this really lightens up my day.

Times are changing and so must we. It’s art people!!!

I’ve never seein an Acedemic ad like this one.

Needled: Tattooed Professors Recruit Students

TMNET: Service to be restored by 20th January

TM Net announced that it’s international link will be fully restored by the 20th of January. Currently 50% of the capacity has been restored and traffic going to the US will be restored to 80% by the 12th of January.

The announcement:

My View: Somehow I’m not convinced by the announcement. To start I’ve never experience good internet in Malaysia ever. I give them another month or more before everything is back to norm.
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