Google: Cool message

I will use Google before asking dumb questions. I just wished everybody thought the same..

Firefox: IE for lunch?

The image �� cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Love this logo don’t you? Lunching on IE. Forwarding it on to my IE loving buddies. Bet they gonna go off.. Ha… ha…




HowTo: Resize ext3 partitions without data lose.

howtoforge-icon.pngHowto forge released a good tutorial on resizing your ext3 partitions without loosing any data on it. It covers shrinking,enlarging and merging of ext3 partitions. If you don’t don’t use LVM then this tutorial would be good for you.

Access the tutorial here.

Howto forge homepage.

Skype: End of free calls

skype30thumbnail.pngFree calls to the United States and Canada ended 31st December 2006 as stated by Skype. Skype to Skype calls and chats will still remain free as usual.
If you use Skype regularly to make calls like me then you might consider getting the yearly plan for USD15, that’s about RM50 here in Malaysia. You will be entitled to make unlimited calls to the United States and Canada for the whole year. The 15USD price is only valid till 31st Jan 2007, after that the price will double to USD30/year. Grab it quick I say!!

Get the latest Skype software here. Skype 3.0

Skype Homepage

WordPress Trackback UTF-7 SQL Injection | WordPress

A new WP exploit has been discovered that works throuh SQL Injection. The attacker will have access to you login infomation if he is sucessfull.

WP 2.0.5 and prior are vulnerable but for those rolling WP 2.0.6 you fine for now.

Original Article

SecuriTeamâ„¢ – WordPress Trackback UTF-7 SQL Injection (Exploit)

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