ErrorZilla – Useful error page for Firefox

ErrorZilla is a firefox extension that replaces the default error pages with a custom one. With a few extra buttons added it quite easily became one of my must have extensions. Buttons : retry, google cache, ping, trace, whois, wayback, coralize. Get the ErrorZilla firefox extention here

hakia Search Engine Beta

A new “meaning-based search engine”. That’s what hakia is. No more indexing as we do it today. hakia works more like the human brain “Cognition”. hakia’s scheduled it’s full launch in 2007. hakia Search Engine Beta

Back from the holidays

Just got back from my holidays. No much happening this year. New year was pretty boring as I did not get to spend it with me close friends and family as I was stuck in Penang. But I did have a small party with my work buddies at the beach with minimal alcohol. ha.. ha……


Internet and Phone outage in Asia

Bet everyone’s been experiencing slow internet access for the past 2 days. It took me 45mins just to get this post out. Well anyway, the problem was due to the massive earthquake that hit Taiwan 2days back. The largest telco breakdown Asia has seen in quite some time. The outage did not just degrade the…

Icon War

Very very cool animation. The Icon War!! Check it out for yourself here.