How to install Google Chrome in Fedora 15

1. Bring up a terminal

2. Run

sudo yum localinstall


sudo yum localinstall

for 64bit.


Stroke Indicators

My uncle suffered a stroke recently. It ain’t pleasant, I can tell you that.

When someone is experiencing a stroke, time becomes their worst enemy. With every passing second, brain cells die and more of their bodily functions start to degrade. The faster one can identify a stroke and react, lesser the damage to the patient.

To identify if someone’s having a stroke, do the following;

1. FACE – Ask them to smile. Is their face sagging? Are the facial muscles working?

2. ARM – Ask them to lift their arms. They might not be able to lift an arm.

3. SPEECH – Have a simple conversation with them. Get them to repeat simple sentences. They might have trouble doing that.

4. TIME – Don’t waste time!! Call 911 or in our case 999.

Via Delirium

RPM Fusion for Fedora 15

RPM Fusion for Fedora 15 is not published yet but thanks to Rajaseelan you can now get it. Read the HowTo

Ubuntu 11.04 blank screen on boot. SOLVED

Try these steps if you are experiencing a blank screen during boot or install of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

1. LiveCD  boots into a blank screen.

When you see the boot menu when you boot LiveCD, hit F6 and select the “nomodeset” option.

2. Boots into a blank screen after install.

Reboot and keep your finger on the “SHIFT” key till you get the grub menu. Highlight the first entry and replace “quiet splash” with “nomodeset” .  Hit CTRL + X to continue booting. Once logged in install the latest Graphics drivers. System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers

DONE. Hope it works for you, it did for me.

Nikon D7000 User Manual

Nikon D7000 manuals if you are too lazy to register on the Nikon site for them.

Nikon D7000 User Manual [ Download Here ]

Nikon D7000 Quick Start Guide [ Download Here ]

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