DiGi APN settings

Upgraded my CyanogenMOD to verion cm-6.0.0-N1-alpha1 ( Froyo 🙂 ).

Had to do a wipe so my APN settings disappeared. Anyways, if you face the same problem, here’s DiGi’s APN settings and how to add them in.

1) Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Points Name
2) Menu -> New APN

## DATA ##

Name: DIGI Data - Internet
APN: diginet
MCC: 502
MNC: 16
APN Type: default

## MMS ##

Name: DIGI MMS (WAP 2.0)
APN: digimms
username: mms
password: mms
Port: 80
MMSC: http://mms.digi.com.my/servlets/mms
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 502
MNC: 16
APN Type: mms

You can find Maxis and Celcom APN settings @ lowyat

PUK on the Google Nexus One

Changed the sim on my rooted Google Nexus One today and managed to lock myself out :D.

Waited for the PUK code prompt to come up but it never did. Apparently there’s none, traditionally on other phones you’s get a dedicated prompt for the PUK code but on the Nexus One you use the “phone pad” instead.

Here’s the walk-through.

1. Call your carrier and have them provide you the PUK code. You might be able to obtain your PUK code from your carrier’s web page also, like mine.

2. Turn the phone on, wait till you see the locked message comes up.

3. Select the emergency call option. Input the the below code through the key pad.

Your Google Nexus One should be unlocked now.

Twitter’s World Cup Page

The easiest way to follow the World Cup on Twitter.

Twitter’s World Cup page gives you the whole event and has individual streams for each match and country. Check out the first matches, Mexico vs South Africa and Uruguay vs France later tonight.

pssssst…. also check this link out. Love the table!!


World Cup Results By Google

Just Google “World Cup” and you’ll see the World Cup 2010 team listings, fixtures, schedules and scores. All within you google serach result.

If you look hard enough you will also realize that the “Google” at the bottom of the page has been changed to “Goooooooal!!”.

All this for the World Cup scheduled to start in 2 days :D!!!

How Do I Check In [Off the Grid] in FourSquare

Wonder how your friends checkin in “Off The Grid” in FourSquare?

Simple, when you check in using your mobile device make sure all share options are not selected. Don’t share with your friends, don’t post to twitter and don’t post to FB.

That’s it. Tell me if it works for you.

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