World Cup Results By Google

Just Google “World Cup” and you’ll see the World Cup 2010 team listings, fixtures, schedules and scores. All within you google serach result.

If you look hard enough you will also realize that the “Google” at the bottom of the page has been changed to “Goooooooal!!”.

All this for the World Cup scheduled to start in 2 days :D!!!

How Do I Check In [Off the Grid] in FourSquare

Wonder how your friends checkin in “Off The Grid” in FourSquare?

Simple, when you check in using your mobile device make sure all share options are not selected. Don’t share with your friends, don’t post to twitter and don’t post to FB.

That’s it. Tell me if it works for you.

Cool World Cup 2010 Posters

ESPN together with New York City ad agency Wieden + Kennedy teamed up to create these hilarious yet clever Posters to honor the World Cup 2010 which is scheduled to start in a few days.

Each of the 32 countries participating in the World Cup are represented by their own poster. My personal favorites are the Australian, Japan and Italy posters.

Really cool ha… See them all

What does your email address say about you?

Weirdly, this is quite true. Which category do you fall into? I,m on @own-domain and @gmail 😀

via theoatmeal got hacked!!

Haa haa, got hacked!! As usual by a bunch of Indonesian hackers.

Hate aside, this had to be one of the best hate raps I’ve heard. Not bad 😀

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