What does your email address say about you?

Weirdly, this is quite true. Which category do you fall into? I,m on @own-domain and @gmail 😀

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SengHeng.com.my got hacked!!

Haa haa, SengHeng.com.my got hacked!! As usual by a bunch of Indonesian hackers.

Hate aside, this had to be one of the best hate raps I’ve heard. Not bad 😀

Adobe Reader now on the Android

Adobe has finally released it’s PDF reader for the Android platform. User have been waiting long for this and now Adobe’s gonna put smiles on their faces.

Go grab it.

Google Chrome stable version out

Google, today released a new stable release of it’s popular web browser Google Chrome packed with all the beta goodies we have come to love. To add to the excitement, this will also be the first stable release of the browser for the Linux and Mac platforms.

What’s in it you ask?

1. HTML 5, Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop. Make sure to try drag n drop in GMAIL!!

2. Improved sync. Bookmarks, themes, preferences, homepage and startup settings, web content settings, preferred languages, and even page zoom settings.

3. Enable individual extensions in incognito mode.

Your Chrome browser should auto update but if you can’t wait grab a copy here.

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Google search does SSL

With online privacy being the main concern for most internet users today, Google has responded to them by introducing SSL support to its search.

Google SSL Search will encrypt all your search traffic preventing any third party eyes from looking at it. Browsing over https will also disable “referrer” which site owners normally use to see where you’re coming from.

With + there is always – so do remember that browsing in SSL does have an encryption overhead which will slightly degrade the search performance.

Also, the amount of data collected from your search is the same as the standard search but just more secure. Without this data Google will be nothing 🙂

When you are on the new SSL search page you will realize that the Google logo looks different. It will have “ssl” and “beta” in it. Also, maps and images will not show up as they don’t support SSL yet.

Simple goto https://google.com to start searching in privacy.

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