Google search does SSL

With online privacy being the main concern for most internet users today, Google has responded to them by introducing SSL support to its search.

Google SSL Search will encrypt all your search traffic preventing any third party eyes from looking at it. Browsing over https will also disable “referrer” which site owners normally use to see where you’re coming from.

With + there is always – so do remember that browsing in SSL does have an encryption overhead which will slightly degrade the search performance.

Also, the amount of data collected from your search is the same as the standard search but just more secure. Without this data Google will be nothing :)

When you are on the new SSL search page you will realize that the Google logo looks different. It will have “ssl” and “beta” in it. Also, maps and images will not show up as they don’t support SSL yet.

Simple goto to start searching in privacy.

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Google doodles PAC-MAN turning 30

Google’s doodle today was to remind us that PAC-MAN had turned 30, that’s my age!!.

PAC-MAN was a game by Bandai Namco, Japan which quickly became a hit selling 100,000 copies a year.

Hit the “Insert Coin” button and the classic jumps to live for you to enjoy. Feeling Lucky? 😀

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HTC Desire on it’s way to Malaysia

Finally, HTC’s Desire is coming to Malaysia. It’s scheduled to be released on the 27th May 2010. The official telco will be Maxis.

I’m not an iPhone person and really want to get the Desire but I’m torn between the Desire and Nexus One. Nexus One will always get updates quicker the HTC Desire since it’s a Google phone, Desire however will have to wait till HTC releases the updated patched bundled with Sense UI which normally takes time. The fix for this would require me to root my Desire.

Both phones go for about RM2200.

What would you recommend?

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Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Cartoon

Bill and Steve, what else would they talk about?

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Social Media Revolution 2

I love social media, it has its minuses but the pluses always pulls me back in. Information is money and social media is enabling the movement of information around.

People everywhere are constantly complaining about privacy and shit. My advice, if you want to stay private then simply stay away from these sites. You can’t have everything… unless you are willing to pay ;D….

What’s you take on social media?

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