eco friendly eMail signatures

This is the signature I use with most of my mails. Here’s a couple more I found on the net. I personally love the last one and will be moving to it. You have any?

How to install Adobe AIR on Fedora 12

1. Pull up a console and su to root. [danesh@jackal ~]$ su – 2. Grab the latest vesion of Adobe AIR from Adobe’s download page. [root@jackal ~]# wget 3. Make the .bin file executable by using the chmod command. [root@jackal ~]# chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin 4. Execute the .bin file. [root@jackal ~]# ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin Follow the…

rlslog down for now

My favourite scene release blog has been taken down by their host thanks to Universal Music. rlslog has since moved to a new host but is seeing some performance issues so it might be a few days till they come back. In the mean time check out SceneFlux. via rlslog and rlstalk

Reduce your income TAX

It’s tax month. Few more days to go so make sure to have your e-filling done. Here’s a few tips to optimize your income tax contribution fr the coming years. via abinesh

Android on the iPhone

It was juat a matter of time before someopne ported Android over to the iPhone. Planetbeing, iPhone hacker had managed to dual boot an iPhone to run both Android and iPhoneOS. The video’s long but intended to walk you thought the whole process. You actually see Linux booting and shit… For now it’s only working…