Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 released

Mozilla today released Firefox 3.6.3. It’s a security fix so make sure you get updated ASAP The release fixes a bug which could allow a attacker to remotely execute code. Read the Release Notes and download it.

Sort files by size

Here’s how to sort files by size in Linux. Standard; ls -lhS Reverse; ls -lhSr Options used; -l –> print long listing -h –> print human readable sizes -S –> sort by file size -r –> reverse order Output; [root@kmon01 log]# ls -lhS total 70M -rw-r–r– 1 root root 36M Mar 31 11:28 messages -rw-r–r–…

DIGI iPhone Plans leaked

Guess you already know that DIGI’s bringing in the iPhone now. No pricing details have been officially released by DIGI so far but somehow yesterday the plans leaked out. I would not be surprised if the leak was intentional, they gotta hype it up right 😀 Anyways, here are the plans.

Strong Cheese

Love this ad… Now that’s some strong Cheese!!