Strong Cheese

Love this ad… Now that’s some strong Cheese!!

Best Nexus One Unboxing Video

The best Nexus One Un-boxing Video I’ve seen to far. The video’s by PatrickBoivin from Woolf + Lapin

Pot Holder

This is one freaking cool Pot Holder. Made of 100% Silicone. Dishwasher safe. The next time you bake 😉 you won’t have to burn your hands no more. read more

How to set the default currency on eBay

1. Search for something

2. Look for the “customize view” link in the search listing.

3. Go to “Advanced Options”

4. Select the desired “Currency Conversion” and you’re done.

Pirated vs. Legal DVD

Walk into a store and pick up your favorite original DVD for a rediculas price. Get home, pop it into the DVD player and you’ll have to wait about 10 – 20 mins before all the ads, warnings and promos are done.

Pirated DVDs are straightforward. No promos, no warnings, no ads. What you want is what you get.

Which do you prefer?

The pic below speaks for itself.

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