Nexus One: The Story

A few short movies walking you through the birth of Google’s Nexus One. Man I can see myself owning one soon 😀

Episode 1: Concept & Design

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Free “Farm-Fresh Web Icons”

FatCow is giving back to community by releasing 1000 awesome icons for free.

The icons are in 16 and 32 pixel and are distributed under the Creative Commons Atribution 3.0 license. You can use the icons for commercial and personal use, all that’s required is a link back in your credits.

FatCow is a hosting company dedicatedto saving the planet. Theie datacenter is currently 100% wind power.

Source: FAtCow

wordpress 2.9.2 released

There’s a new security patch out which fixes an exploit that allows  registered users to view trashed posts. The vulnerability was reported by Thomas Mackenzie, a security Enthusiast.

Make sure to update your WordPress to version 2.9.2 ASAP.

Download WordPress 2.9.2

Source: WordPress Official Blog

History command with time stamp

Running the ‘ history ‘ command only gives you line numbers. Sometimes it’s useful to have a time stamp attached to each command to build a clearer picture.

Simply set the ” HISTTIMEFORMAT ” env variable to enable time stamps in ‘ history ‘.

Run the command below.




YouTube does music discovery

Cool feature from YouTube. I think the service is called “DISCO”, short for  “YouTube Music Discovery Project and Playlist Creation Tool”.

Search for an artist, watch all their videos or get recommendations for mixes from related artists.

Take it for a spin.

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