My first 3 Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome

Finally installed Google Chrome 4.0 Dev Channel today.

Up until recently my top 3 Firefox extensions have never played nice with Chrome. Taking them for a spin now.

1. LastPass – Best password manager ever! [ DOWNLOAD ]

2. Xmarks – My favorite bookmark sync tool.[  DOWNLOAD ALPHA ]

3. Feedly – My favorite news aggregator. Magazine style! [ DOWNLOAD ]

PS3 meets Facebook in PS3 update 3.10


Here’s a quick preview of what’t in the new PS3 firmware 3.10 which is scheduled to come out in the coming weeks.

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How to install Feedly for Google Chrome


Based on popular demand the people at Feedly have released Feedly for Chorme. Getting it install is easy, here’s how.

1. Download and install  Google Chrome 4.0 Dev Channel. Windows | Mac | Linux 32bit | Linux 64 bit

2. Fire up the newly install Chrome and go to “” to install the Feedly extension.

3. Click the Feedly icon, log in to Google Reader and start enjoying Feedly for Chrome.

Follow @feedly_chrome on Twitter to stay up to date with the Feedly for Chrome extension.

Source: Blog@Feedly

Broken Promises , Trust Me


Man, Apple’s all out to diss Windows 7. Have fun

FTTH in Malaysia

Looks like the FTTH ( Fiber To The Home ) in Malaysia ball is rolling again. There are reports of Maxis and TM enrolling testers in Bangsar and Sri Hartamas to carry out beta testing.


This what Alan Tan who’s currently beta testing the Maxis FTTH is getting. WOW! …. Sigh… I want, I want.

According to Alan, he’s experience so far has been good. Awesome torrenting speeds ( at 600 kB/s, I guess no fair policy yet) and  fluid HD video streaming without a glitch.

I’ve not heard any performance related details about TM’s FTTH so far. With TM you can never be optimistic, based on my experience with them so far nothing has ever been what it was supposed to be. When you have to go to MCMC to sort out a 1Mbps line, you know they suck.

TM is the backbone, they have the money which gave them some advantage before but now the competition is getting fierce with other  wireless, fiber and ADSL providers coming into the picture. Hopefully they don’t get served.

Source: Alan Tan | Fain

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