YouTube goes 1080p HD this week

YouTube announced that it’s rolling out support for 1080p HD format this week. Up till now YouTube only went up to 720p but now it’s going further with 1080p.

What about all the current HD video already re-encoded into lower quality formats you ask? YouTube plans to re-encode all HD video previously uploaded by users into the correct HD formats.

Like many other Malaysians I’m not too excited about this. We here still don’t have the bandwidth or the low latency required to enjoy fluid streaming. Sigh…..

Watch [ THIS VIDEO or THIS VIDEO] to get a taste of 1080p on YouTube.

VirtualBox 3.1.0 Beta 1 released


VirtualBox 3.1.0 Beta 1 was just released. This is a major update bundled with quite a few cool and much anticipated features. The release also includes bug fixes for version 3.0.10.

Teleportation (Live migration) – You can now move VMs across machines.

2D video acceleration for Windows hosts.

Snapshot got smarter. You can now restore from any snapshot and not just the last one.

Network modules can now be changed while the VM is running.

Performance improvements for PAE and AMD 64 guests.

For the complete list of changes please check out the change log.

DOWNLOAD VirtualBox 3.1.0 Beta 1

GSC website down….

Looks like everybody wants to watch 2012. Damn


For show times go here and for online bookings go here. Both are stripped down versions of GSC.

GSC, start thinking about the cloud.

PayPal now supports Malaysian Banks


Good news!! PayPal now does Malaysia.

Finally after all this time, PayPal now supports the MYR and withdrawal through any Malaysian bank using MEPS.

Selling online just became easier!!

Linking your local bank account to PayPal is done over MEPS and the process is easy. Follow the links below for the complete walkthourgh.

1. LiewCF – How to Withdraw PayPal Money to Any Malaysia Bank Accounts?

2. SELL MORE ONLINE – How to link PayPal to Malaysia Bank Account?

Namecheap Coupon for November 2009

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