Gnome online accounts not working


Just completed my fresh install of Arch Linux and Gnome 3.10. Hit my first issue, gnome-online-accounts dialog does not come up so I can’t add my clound accounts.

The Fix:

Install “telepathy-gaze” packge.

pacman -S telepathy-gaze

How to install Fedora Utils on Fedora 20


Fedora Utils is the “Ubuntu Tweak” of Fedora. It simplifies many of the post install tasks. It’s basically a collection of scripts and customizable plugins wrapped around a nice GUI which  help you install fonts, codecs, flash, java, etc. It also cleans up your system, fixes some common issues, tweaks your desktop, etc.

Here’s a one liner to get it installed on your Fedora 20.

su -c "cd /tmp/ && curl -o fedorautils-installer && chmod +x fedorautils-installer && ./fedorautils-installer"

Source: Fedora Utils

Delivering Happiness with MYTEKSI


MYTEKSI is currently running a donation campaign for undeserved children across Malaysia. They are looking for English children books and toys.

The campaign will be happening on these dates, 28th & 29th, December 4th & 5th, 11th & 12th, 18th & 19th January.

Question: I have books and toys to give away, what do I do now?

Easy, install the MYTEKSI app on your android, apple or windows phone/tablet, register if you haven’t already, book a taxi and select “MYTEKSI HQ” as the destination and finally enter the “#gifts” hastag in the “notes to driver” section.

Your taxi will show up, load your gifts  drive them off  to MYTESKI for distribution. All for free! , yes FREE!

MYTEKSI has made it super easy and cheap for you to contribute so open up your hearts and share.

Source: MYTEKSI | FB

Maxis 4G LTE APN Settings

Maxis 4G LTE APN settings 2014-01-07 01:14:14

Maxis 4G LTE APN Settings.

Needed these settings for my Huawei e398 LTE USB dongle to work with Maxis LTE.

Profile Name : LTE

APN choose Static : max4g

Access number : *99#

Username : maxis

Password : wap

.my domains going cheap @ RM25 per year

mynic rm30 domain banner

It’s a good time to grab .my domains. MYNIC is letting them go at RM30 for 1 year and RM50 for 2 years. .my domains normally retail around RM100 per year.

The promotion ends on 31st January so hurry.

Go grab your .my domain at iChoose by MYNIC.

Thanks TechAttack

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