Report spam on Twitter


@spam was how twitter initial kept track of those pesky spammers. Now, they launched the official “report spam” feature.

To report someone as spam, simple go to their profile and click the “report [usename] for spam” link. This will prevent them from messaging or following you.

All reported accounts will get forwarded to Twitter’s officials for review before getting banned.

The process to report has been simplified.Just by doing that, users are now more empowered to keep spammers at bay.

This is good, I’ve been getting spammed like there’s no tomorrow. Can’t wait to start clicking that link 😀

Source: Twitter Help

Surgery on a Linux guy


Is this how we Linux people think? I think maybe not all the time.

What do you think?

Feedly comes to Chrome


My must have! Mozilla Firefox extension Feedly is coming to Google’s Chrome web browser.

It’s currently in preview so don’t expect it to be fully functional.  If you’re feeling adventures and want to take it for a spin simply follow @feedly_chrome and wait for an invite. Invites are scheduled to start coming out today.

Source: Blog@Feedly

GT 5 release date revealed, March 2010


The latest installment to my favorite driving simulator of all time, Grand Turismo 5 will not be out till March 2010.

GT5 was initially rumor/predicted to come out around Christmas time this year but that’s not going to happen now. Looks like there are going to be many crushed children and driving enthusiast come this Christmas holidays.

The announcement was made at the Tokyo Game Show.


PMR and SPM trial exam papers


Here are 2 good resources fro those preparing for SPM and PMR.

Both sites provide past SPM and PMR trial exam papers in PDF format.

Print them out, take them home, practice practice practice and you will pass!

Remember, memorizing the answers don’t get you anywhere. Make sure you understand the answers and the process.

Koleksi Soalan.


Yuo kids today are lucky, we never had privileges like this back in our time. Make sure you make good use of it!

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