Download Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial


Wanna take Windows 7 for a spin?

Microsoft has made available a 90 days trial version free of charge. Both 32bits and 64bits versions available for download and it’s not he RC but the actual RTM version that will eventually hit store shelves soon.

Download it, try it and tell me what ya think?

Download Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial Now

The ISO is 2.24GB so it’s gonna take some time to download.

The Son by Desmond Ng

Most of us hate, why hate we don’t know. Maybe it’s the way we were brought up? Maybe it’s our segregated education system? Maybe it’s our politicians and their political agendas? Maybe it’s the crowd we join? I don’t know, you tell me.

This 15MALAYSIA short film by Desmond Ng gives you a glimpse into the topic.

A teenage Chinese witness to a racially motivated assault is being driven to the police station. A quiet reminder of the dangers of inter-communal suspicion and conflict.

Watch the making.

Source: 15MALAYSIA

Halal by Liew Seng Tat

Halal by Liew Seng Tat is out. I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

A very silly slapstick comedy demonstrating the proper Islamic way to slaughter chicken.

Now you know what halal means.

Don’t forget to check out the making.

Source: 15MALAYSIA

HOUSE by Linus Chung

HOUSE by Linus Chong

Watched today’s 15MALAYSIA short film. HOUSE by Linus Chung

An Indian boy is asked to build a model of his house at school. A tale on the social economic plight faced by many Malaysians.

It put a tear in my eye, a subject close to my heart.

Watch the making. Remember to get no 15 😀

Source: 15MALAYSIA

How to enable presto in Fedora 11

Delta RPMs is a bandwidth saver. Instead of downloading full rpm files on updates, delta rpms (.drpm) hold only the changes in binary form. The size of the packages is now significantly reduced thus saving bandwidth. Once downloaded the drpm file get reconstructed to form the full package before they gets applied. On avg I see 70% bandwidth savings after moving to Presto.

Presto is the Fedora project to enable delta rpms on all Fedora repositories. Fedora 11 is Presto enabled.

I’ll walk you through setting presto up.

1. Search your repos to make sure the yum-presto package is available.

[root@bamboo]# yum search yum-presto

2. Install the yum-presto package.

[root@bamboo]# yum install yum-presto

3. Try running an update to see presto in action.

[root@bamboo]# yum -y update
Finishing rebuild of rpms, from deltarpms
<delta rebuild>                                                           |  79 MB     01:14
Presto reduced the updates to 33 M from 79 M which is a 59% savings.

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