How to install Fedora Utils on Fedora 20

Fedora Utils is the “Ubuntu Tweak” of Fedora. It simplifies many of the post install tasks. It’s basically a collection of scripts and customizable plugins wrapped around a nice GUI which ¬†help you install fonts, codecs, flash, java, etc. It also cleans up your system, fixes some common issues, tweaks your desktop, etc. Here’s a…

Delivering Happiness with MYTEKSI

MYTEKSI is currently running a donation campaign for undeserved children across Malaysia. They are looking for English children books and toys. The campaign will be happening on these dates, 28th & 29th, December 4th & 5th, 11th & 12th, 18th & 19th January. Question: I have books and toys to give away, what do I…

Maxis 4G LTE APN Settings

Maxis 4G LTE APN Settings. Needed these settings for my Huawei e398 LTE USB dongle to work with Maxis LTE. Profile Name : LTE APN choose Static : max4g Access number : *99# Username : maxis Password : wap

.my domains going cheap @ RM25 per year

It’s a good time to grab .my domains. MYNIC is letting them go at RM30 for 1 year and RM50 for 2 years. .my domains normally retail around RM100 per year. The promotion ends on 31st January so hurry. Go grab your .my domain at iChoose by MYNIC. Thanks TechAttack

How to list mounted volumes in TSM

Use this command to display information about the status of one or more volumes that are mounted. From the Administrative Command Line Client (dsmadmc) run, “query mount” or “q mount” and for detailed output run, “query mount format=detailed” or “q mount f=d” Syntax .-*———–. .-Format–=–Standard—–. >>-Query MOunt–+————-+–+————————-+—>< '-volume_name-' '-Format--=--+-Standard-+-' '-Detailed-'