How to list mounted volumes in TSM

Use this command to display information about the status of one or more volumes that are mounted.

From the Administrative Command Line Client (dsmadmc) run,

"query mount" or "q mount"

and for detailed output run,

"query mount format=detailed" or "q mount f=d"


.-*-----------. .-Format--=--Standard-----.
>>-Query MOunt--+-------------+--+-------------------------+--->< '-volume_name-' '-Format--=--+-Standard-+-' '-Detailed-'

How to find partition UUID on Arch Linux

Using UUID to identify you partitions is better then using kernel device names .i.e /dev/sd?. Mainly on systems where drives get move around frequently. Dev names change when the physical order of the drives are change but the UUID always remains the same.

You can use the “lsblk” or “blkid” command to get the UUID of your partitions. In this case I’m running it on my Arch Linux box.

[root@r2d2 ~]# lsblk -no NAME,UUID /dev/sdb1
sdb1 eb2cb768-7306-4fe5-a981-14d27d0c25fa

[root@r2d2 ~]# lsblk -no NAME,UUID
sda1 05df7ca0-4af7-4e0a-ae1b-72518966847c
sda2 8ad2ec57-2d62-482b-96ff-253fa402c786
sdb1 eb2cb768-7306-4fe5-a981-14d27d0c25fa
sdc1 cba2f94f-3eb4-4d6b-af7d-5d947eec2209

[root@r2d2 ~]# lsblk -f
sda1 ext4 05df7ca0-4af7-4e0a-ae1b-72518966847c /
sda2 swap 8ad2ec57-2d62-482b-96ff-253fa402c786 [SWAP]
sdb1 ext4 eb2cb768-7306-4fe5-a981-14d27d0c25fa /vm
sdc1 ext4 cba2f94f-3eb4-4d6b-af7d-5d947eec2209

[root@r2d2 ~]# blkid -o list
device fs_type label mount point UUID
/dev/sdb1 ext4 /vm eb2cb768-7306-4fe5-a981-14d27d0c25fa
/dev/sdc1 ext4 (not mounted) cba2f94f-3eb4-4d6b-af7d-5d947eec2209
/dev/sda1 ext4 / 05df7ca0-4af7-4e0a-ae1b-72518966847c
/dev/sda2 swap 8ad2ec57-2d62-482b-96ff-253fa402c786
/dev/sda3 (not mounted)

Solved: mysql Fatal error: Can’t open and lock privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist


Ran into a mysql issue at work today after an unplanned power outage took the server down. The error was Fatal error: Can’t open and lock privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist” everytime we tried to start mysql. Looked like the system tables were gone.

The fix;

We recreated the system tables in the mysql data directory using mysql_install_db.

mysql_install_db –user=mysql –ldata=/mysql-data/location

Restart mysql and you should be good to go.

How to control your TV volume using the Astro B.yond remote control

astro byond remote map

Can you control you TV volume from your Astro B.yond remote control?

I could turn on/off my TV using my Astro remote, but the volume needed a few extra steps to get working.

  1. Make sure you can turn on/off your TV from your Astro remote. Follow my guide if you can’t.
  2. Make sure your Astro decoder volume is full and your TV volume is low.
  3. Press the OK and Vol+(volume up) button together until the indicator blinks twice.
  4. Press the Vol+(volume up) button. If your volume increases the everything went well.

How to control your TV with your Astro B.yond remote control

astro byond remote map

Finally configured my B.yond remote to control my TV.

There are are 2 ways to configure your remote.

Method 1:

  1. Hold down the tv(power)  and power buttons together  until the indicator blinks twice.
  2. Refer to the table below and key in the 4 digit number that represents your TV brand.
  3. If the code was valid the indicator will blink twice again.
  4. Press the tv(power) button, if your TV turns off then the code worked else repeat the steps and try another code from the table.



Method 2:

  1. Hold down the tv(power)  and power buttons together  until the indicator blinks twice.
  2. Key in 9 – 9 – 1. The indicator should blink twice again.
  3. Press the tv(power) button, aim the remote at the decoder and press the ch+(channel up) button.
  4. Wait 3 seconds. If the TV does not turn off, press the  ch+(channel up) button and wait for 3 seconds again. Repeat the steps until the TV turns off.  You’re basically iterating through the TV codes in the remote’s database.
  5. Press the OK button once you find the correct code.

Source: Astro’s Remore Setup Manual PDF

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