No more Beta for Google

Google’s finally out of BETA. Yup, no more “BETA” in the their logos. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk are all now stable products. Both for consumers and enterprise users. Gmail itself has been in BETA for 5 years. The other aps in Google’s suite have also done their years in BETA. Come…

Is MJ back?

This clip was taken from Larry King’s interview with Jermaine Jackson at MJ’s Neverland. Many claim the shadow you see walking pass in the hall is that of the late MJ. Spooky ha….. I’m not big on ghosts and spirits but what do you think, is MJ back?

2 job openings, Linux admin and PeopleSoft admin

My former employer has 2 positions open in IT that need to be filled urgently. The 2 positions and their responsibility; Linux Engineer infrastructure patching some oracle stuff install deploy maintain support hardening PeopleSoft Administrator install deploy maintain support patch If you’re interested, drop me a comment or get in-touch with me through the contact…

Received my BRIBE-FREE MALAYSIAN car sticker

Received my BRIBE-FREE MALAYSIAN car sticker in the mail last week. Now I’ve got a new public announcement which also act as a sun shade. 🙂 It’s easy to put the sticker on but it’s gonna hard to live by it right? Let’s see….. Like the sticker? Request for one, it’s free. your system info in style

I first read about on is a simple service that returns your system infomation but with a twist. Eye candy, the guys behind decided to go with a web 2.0 visual appeal with bold large text on bright colors and cool sliding tabs. See the screen shots, they speak for themselves….