Creative Multimedia Cluster, MSC Malaysia has been defaced.


Let’s see how long MSC takes to fix this…… , it’s been an hour now…

P1 W1MAX DS300 Modem admin password revealed


For those on P1 W1MAX and not being able to fully utilize your modem, you’re in luck!

Recently the admin password for the DS300 modem was leaked. Users who had the password could login and change any configuration on the modem. For those who knew what they were doing, this was jackpot.

The excitement was cut short. P1 jumped in and pushed out a new firmware update which  locked all users out of their DS300 modem once again. Including me 🙁 (was just about to port forward)

Users started to rant about being locked out of their own modem, it was a good point. P1 came back saying that tech in the DS300 was US military owned and the license prevented users from accessing it. hahahahha…..

Few days passed…. and bam!! Admin password  leaked again.

This time  on purpose I guess. Why?

First, the new login provided users with limited access to the modem’s configurations and second, no news from P1. You do the math.

Even though access was limited, these were same options one would expect to find in any other router. Port forwarding, ddns, dhcp, dmz and the other standard stuff.

I guess users got heard after all 😀 .

Login details below, Enjoy!!

Admin URL:

login: admin

password: admin123

Source: read more

Namecheap Coupon for April 2009


WingLoon’s monthly Namecheap coupon for April. The coupon code below will entitle you to purchase a new domain at USD 8.81.

Coupon Code: 7tulips

Streamyx Internet disruption to US and Hong Kong


Bet your Streamyx has been slow the past few days.

Streamyx reported that the SMW3 and APCN2 submarine lines are experiencing service faults. Another anchor maybe? As a result, access to US and Hong Kong based sites are extra slow……

According to their announment, restoration work should have been completed by today but as of now there is no announcemnt nor improvement in browsing speeds to US and Hon Kong.

Source: Streamyx | Twitter

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