How To Install Jelly Bean on 4.2 on Galaxy Nexus 7 WiFi JZO54K

Google has released the official Jelly Bean 4.2 images to its servers. If you can’t wait for the OTA like me then the manual method will get you 4.2 now. See how below,

I’m doing this on Fedora 17

NOTICE: Do this at your own risk. There is a chance of things going wrong and you might end up with a brick.

1. install adb and fastboot
yum install android-tools
2. Download the Jelly Bean 4.2 (JOP40C) factory image. Link
3. Extract the downloaded file.
tar -zxvf nakasi-jop40c-factory-6aabb391.tgz
cd nakasi-jop40c/

4. Make the install scripts executable.
chmod +x
chmod +x will erase all data and flash everything. will only flash the bootloader and radio.

5. Make user USB debugging is on for your Nexus 7.

Settings –> Developer Options –> “On” –> USB Debugging –> “On”

6. Boot into fastboot

power off –> power on (hold power + volume down)till you get into the fastboot screen.

7. Unlock the boot loader.
fastboot oem unlock
confirm on your Nexus 7 screen.

8. Run the install script.

Where to buy Google Nexus 7 in Malaysia

Google’s Nexus 7 was recently launched in Malaysia. Priced at RM999 for the 16GB model.

Want one? Here’s a list of retail outlets where you can pick one up.

read more

iPhone 5 launch coverage – Live blogs

Apple will be announcing its latest iPhone 5 and a few other devices (maybe) at its media event tomorrow, September 12th 2012 10AM PT, 1PM ET (1am GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) .

There is not live stream so you will have to tune into the many live blogs covering the event to know what’s coming out. Here’s a list of live blogs I know covering the event.

gdgt – Live iPhone 5 launch coverage

The Verge – apple-iphone-5-live-blog

CNET’s Apple event Live Blog

Engadget – Apple’s next generation iPhone liveblog

TIME – iPhone 5 live blog

PC Advisor UK – Apple live blog

Yahoo – Apple live blog

GIZMODO – iPhone 5 live blog

I’ll update the list as I find more. Also, please do share if you have more.

HÖVDING , The invisible bike helmet

No one likes bicycle helmets, they’re heavy, bulky and simply look weird. However, they keep us alive and I’d rather stay alive with an ugly helmet on then die without one.

The overall design of a helmet has not changed for a long time and it always seemed impossible to come up with a better design until now that is.

Design students  Anna and Terese thought it was possible. 7 years of hard work later they came up with the invisible helmet “HÖVDING”.

It’s essentially an air bag designed into a collar that fits around your neck with a custom shell designs to match your outfit. It will inflate in 0.1 sec when abnormal movement is detected either from a collision and when the rider falls of his bike. Read more

You can buy a “HÖVDING” for 3998 SEK (USD 600) from their online store.  I love the design, I’d buy it now if I had the money , guess I’ll have to wait.

Watch the video and be wowed. read more

Android Neon Lamp

Bring the party to you desk with this cool Android neon lamp. It looks small so most likely for your desk. Found it on the GoogleStore going for USD $36.40.  Check it out

I am thinking of getting one soon. Check out the night shot below.

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