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GT 5 release date revealed, March 2010

The latest installment to my favorite driving simulator of all time, Grand Turismo 5 will not be out till March 2010. GT5 was initially rumor/predicted to come out around Christmas time this year but that’s not going to happen now. Looks like there are going to be many crushed children and driving enthusiast come this […]

PMR and SPM trial exam papers

Here are 2 good resources fro those preparing for SPM and PMR. Both sites provide past SPM and PMR trial exam papers in PDF format. Print them out, take them home, practice practice practice and you will pass! Remember, memorizing the answers don’t get you anywhere. Make sure you understand the answers and the process. […]

Error: 25099. Unzipping Core Files Failed

Been getting this error every time I try to update my Java. Here’s the workaround. 1. Uninstall all existing Java 2. Deleted the Java folder. “C:\Program Files\Java\jre6” 3. Run the installer again. Should complete.

Are you ready for the future?

An interesting “did you know?” video about the Social Networks world and how it’s quickly becoming a part of us.  Amazing ha? So are you for Social Network or are you not? Source: Labnol

FOSS.MY 2009 Fees updated

The FOSS.MY 2009 fee structure has been updated. It looks good now, accessible to anyone now. Here’s the breakdown of the update structure. Bare Bones Price (RM 20) NEW! * Full access to talks and side sessions * No lunch and tea * No shirts (although shirts will be on sale) * Closing Date: 15th […]

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