Astro goes HD with B.yond


If you are like me then you have an HD LCD TV with crappy Astro viewing quality. Not for long! 😀

Astro just launch their HD service, yup Astro doing HD!!  The official launch was last week and the HD broadcast starts Friday.

The B.yond service will cost you an additional RM20 from your current Astro bill but you won’t need to pay anything extra for the new set-top-box, smart card and outdoor dish. Astro will swap out your old DVR for the new set-top-box for free.

Not all channels will be in HD. For now only these channels will be in HD. The HD broadcast will be in 1080i and 720p so it should work just fine on HD-Ready and Full-HD TVs.

  • Astro Supersport HD
  • HBO HD
  • National Geographic Channel HD
  • History HD
  • ESPN HD (January next year)

There are plans to roll out local HD-only channels somewhere next year but details and pricing are yet to be finalized.

How to start enjoying Astro’s new HD channels?

1. Go to Astro B.yond.

2. Go to the “Subscribe Now” page and follow the instructions.

Something to remember, if you live in an apartment with a centralized Astro dish, you’re screwed!! You will have to wait till Astro replaces the dish and that could take months. 🙁

Source: Astro B.yond

  • Srimelan

    Here is the reply i had received from astro on apartment installation.
    Reply from ASTRO for Apartment Installation and the reason.
    Most condominiums operating on existing Astro platform are getting transmission from the satellite which operates on low frequency vertical band. The current installation at a multi dwelling unit (MDU) such as condominium restricts satellite reception to only 1 quadrant for all boxes, which is on low frequency band.


    Astro B.yond’s High-Definition transmission is from a separate satellite which operates from a high frequency band. As most condominiums share a central box, the box can only read signals from one satellite. Hence, recabling of the infrastructure is needed to enable these condominiums to receive HD.

    Astro is currently liaising with property developers in expediting the systems upgrade. For new condominiums, property developers are advised to ensure that their building infrastructures are built in compatible with Astro High-Definition requirements. We expect to have condominiums re-cabled within the next 18 to 24 months. However, this is subjected to the agreement with the building management.

    Please be advised that if you are staying in a condominium unit with a centralised dish, the availability of Astro B.yond depends on whether your building has compatible infrastructure for HD transmission. For confirmation on the compatibility, we suggest that you clarify this with your building management.

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