How to configure a static IP interface on Arch Linux



Arch Linux defaults to DHCP on a new install. This guide will walk you through the steps need to configure a static IP interface for your Arch Linux install.

1. Create the interface config file in “/etc/netctl/”. Either use the sample file in “/etc/netctl/examples/” as a base or create one from scratch. We’ll create a new file for this walkthrough.

#cd /etc/netctl
#vi eth0

The lines below go into the file.


2. Enable the new interface.
#netctl enable eth0

3. Start the new interface or reboot.
#netctl start eth0

  • mathewparet

    I tried this. It did work, BUT… now when I check my modem, I can see that 2 IPs are assigned to the same interface!! And I am able to ssh to either of the IP and am still able to connect to the RPI shell

    Any idea how I can keep (created as per steps above) and remove the existing one which was DHCP assigned earlied –

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