Fuel price hike in Malaysia

It’s RUMORED that the new fuel price in Malaysia effective midnight today will be raised from RM1.92 to RM2.70. That’s a 78 cents hike which adds up to about 40%. My Wira gonna cost me about RM110 for a full tank.

Looks like the petrol pumps around town are gonna be filled up today.

You endorse the hike? I do, time to think green I would say.

  • MG Sarawak

    Why! its happening in a oil producing country,where are the royalitis ?? whats peronas play in this country???

  • Hi MG,

    Apparently Malaysian OIL is too high grade for our own use 🙂 and for the royalties, hmmmm we will never know.

    Petronas, is for Petronas towers. That’s it….

    I welcome the hike but there has to be other benefits that come along to counter balance the effects.

    For one public transport is still bad. It should be 24 hours and cover all areas, will you still need to drive?

    Second think green. Can’t we already tell that the weather is screwed due to global warming. Should the government alone fix this or should the citizens also look into it?

    Pockets are gonna hurt bad, my pocket is already hurting but I will have to live smatter.

  • observer

    The way I see this, its going to makes matters worse, the price of fuel is going to go even higher. Why ? Let’s take a minute to analyze this situation. Reacting to a direct stimuli, increasing world fuel price, without analyzing the whole system of this fuel increase. From what I see, without improvement to the public transport, this fuel increase will snowball. The public transport is the stabilizing factor in this system. without it, the economy of the country will suffer big time and the value of the ringgit will drop and this means the local fuel price will go up even further. Like what i’ve said, its easy to react to a stimuli, but thats always almost never solve the problem. check out peter senge book on the 5th discipline and you’ll know what I mean

  • coolermaster

    The price of energy, in particular fossil fuel, is historically high and seems set to increase.Fuel bills – whether for the home or for the car – take up an ever-increasing proportion of people’s budgets.

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