Google Chrome extensions crashing in Fedora 15

Many have been complaining of their chrome extensions crashing in Fedora 15. In my case it was LastPass and Xmarks.

The issue is caused by SELinux and the quick fix is to disable SELinux. Here’s how you get it done;

1. Fire up a terminal

2. cd to /etc/selinux/

3. vi the “config” file.

4. Change “SELINUX=enforcing” to “SELINUX=disabled”

5. Reboot, launch Chrome and your extensions should be working fine.

  • Jukka

    I’d recommend reading this:

    No, need to kill your security to get stuff working. Granted, the solution is not easy to find as I myself did not get any complaints for example from setroubleshooter… 🙂

    For myself running:
    restorecon -R -v -F ~
    as my user fixed it all. I of course had not disabled SELinux.

    Alternatively you can of course autorelabel your whole system, which may be necessary as you have disabled it earlier.

    So, in your case I’d go with the following perhaps.
    First as user:
    $ restorecon -R -v -F ~
    and as root:
    # edit /etc/selinux/config
    # touch /.autorelabel
    # reboot

    After reboot, your chrome should work fine.

  • Smittix

    Great to see someone actually referencing my site. I didn’t actually think it was read.

    Obviously it was! I took that aptgetmoo down and replaced it with nixaddict dot com

    Now i think i will direct aptgetmoo to nixaddict.

    thanks again.

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