How do you name your computers?

Thought it would be interesting to find out how people name their computers. I’ve always used names as they help me identify servers easier.

My computers;

1. My Linux Notebook is “Pandora”. Weapon of mass destruction.

2. My ipCOP server is now “angel”. It used to be “vagina”, not the best name when you stay with your family.

3. My Linux Desktop is named “bespin”.

4. My file/web server goes by “nosebleed” because some content on it will give you a nosebleed.

5. My WinXP desktop goes by “junk”. Need I say more?

6. My office notebook goes by abubu. I have not idea why I chose that name.

So tell me, how to you name your computers?

  • Nice..names bro..especially your ipCOP server’s previous name..-:P

  • Seriously, I have no idea on how to name my computers, 🙁

  • Interesting article! I’d say the names come useful when all machines are connected via network and you’re viewing them in list.

    I name my

    Macbook black, main working machine – Blackie
    Macbook air, travel mate – Air
    IBM laptop, downloading and torreting – Torrent
    Compaq laptop, attached to TV – Viewer

  • Mine is rastaboy-home.

  • i name my laptop as “i”, with “i”, no “iCalvyn”… 😛

  • avanzaweb

    My server name is kerfi

  • it’s fajaws-machine

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