How to change the system date in Linux

A friend needed help changing the system date on his Linux box today. This is usually a simple task for Linux users but newbies tend to get confused by the "date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY][.ss]]" line in the man page.

To simplify, this is how you do it.

Set the current date to April 7 2008 8:42:45pm.

The easy way,

#date -s "7 April 2008 20:42:45"

The harder way,

#date 040720422008.45

The break down: MM DD hh mm YYYY ss

MM = month = 04

DD = day = 07

hh = hour = 20

mm = minute = 42

YYYY = year = 2008

ss = second = 450

sample output,

[root@klmsyslog01p ~]# date -s "7 April 2008 20:42:45"
Mon Apr 7 20:42:45 MYT 2008
[root@klmsyslog01p ~]#

[root@kmmserver01p ~]# date 040720422008.45
Mon Apr 7 20:42:45 MYT 2008
[root@kmmserver01p ~]#

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  • To change system date in linux, type:-

    [root@akwal]# date

    For example: i want to change my system date to April 10 2012, 3.30pm, i will type:-
    [root@akwal]# date 041015302012

    As Clearly
    [root@akwal]# date 041015302012.00

    for more help

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  • mohan


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