How to install JDownloader in Fedora 15

JDownloader is my favourite 1-Click-Hosters download manager. Installing it on Fedora is easy. Here’s how,

1. Fire up a terminal
3.chmod +x
5. Wait till the install completes and you can enjoy JDownloader.
6. To start JDownloader moving forward simply run “./”

  • Ahel

    I just wanted to thank you for your straightforward how-to-guide 🙂
    It avoided me to lose time.
    Thank you

  • ThanksYou

    Thanks dude 🙂

  • Speedy

    Thank you for the tutorial. How do i add the program to my contacts list and how do i start the app?

  • Waldemar

    I just want to say many thanks! :-))))))

  • Sachith K N


  • Annonomus

    How to run after installation this application

  • dtrn


  • dtrn

    fake ip!

  • ujjal

    it works

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