How to run IE in openSUSE 10.3

You decided to switch desktops to Linux and now you can’t access your office IE only intranet. What do you do?

Well, you could IEs4Linux on WINE. WINE is a opensource Windows API implementation for the Linux platform and IEs4Linux is the “installer” which will download, install and get IE to work with WINE.

1. Add the WINE repository for openSUSE 10.3.

YaST2 -> Software -> Software Repositories.

2. Install the WINE and cabextract package.

YaST2 -> Software -> Software Management.

3. Download IEs4Linux from here or use the command line method shown below.

4. Extract and run the IEs4Linux installer. You don’t need to be root for this.

That’s it, enjoy your IE in Linux but note the there is no support for streaming video, currently only flash is supported.

Once you’re bored (like I did) then it’s time to get rid of IE, here’s how you’ll do that since there is no uninstaller for IEs4Linux.

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  • Nanashi

    You might want to omit or specify the “rm -rf ~/bin/”-line. ~/bin is a “standard” place for user-specific binaries, so anyone reading this might delete more than they had bargained for.

    Also, reminding people to uninstall WINE and cabextract along with the rest isn’t a bad idea, just to help newbies get used to not leaving stuff they don’t need lying around.

    IE is also “good” for us poor website developers who are forced to make the pages “look good” in IE6+.

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