HTC Desire on it’s way to Malaysia

Finally, HTC’s Desire is coming to Malaysia. It’s scheduled to be released on the 27th May 2010. The official telco will be Maxis.

I’m not an iPhone person and really want to get the Desire but I’m torn between the Desire and Nexus One. Nexus One will always get updates quicker the HTC Desire since it’s a Google phone, Desire however will have to wait till HTC releases the updated patched bundled with Sense UI which normally takes time. The fix for this would require me to root my Desire.

Both phones go for about RM2200.

What would you recommend?

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  • How bout the HTC Legend? DiGi offers HTC Legend in their DG Smart Plan with big savings and of course there is a plan on it.

    • decided to go with da Nexus One dude, 😀

  • bree

    No need for rooting in Froyo (^-^) Any news about its free upgrade to HTC Desire in Malaysia? Or the upcoming units being launched will come with Android 2.2 already?

    • Desire will get Froyo but not now so there’s no point if I go for it unless I plan to root it. Nexus One i guess then

  • abi

    Nexus One? how much ha dude? The desire is soo sweet mannnnnnnnnnn …. :S

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  • anonymoose

    Desire is a better phone overall for malaysians…

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