Improve ALPS touchpad response speed

ALPS touchpad generaly have slower response when compared to the synaptic based touchpads.

Here’s a simple X hack to boost the sensitivity of my ALPS touchpad which has dramatically improved my experience with my touchpad. This worked on my openSUSE 10.3

1. First, check if you really do have a ALPS touchpad.

sample output;

2. Make a backup of your xorg.conf file.

3. Edit the xorg.conf file.

4. Navigate to the InputDevice Section and look for the “synaptics” driver portion.

5. Replace everything between the Identifier line and EndSection with the settings below.

Here’s a screenshot of my xorg.conf file.

  • ben

    I just migrated over from ubuntu to OpenSUSE 10.4 (wanted something that worked a little better beth my Dell Inspiron hardware out of the box). So, I am still getting my bearings to where everything is in OpenSUSE. In the ALPS driver setup there is no option to make it so that the touchpad isn’t tap sensitive, which annoys the crap out of me. If I remove the two lines:
    Option “MaxTapTime” “180”
    Option “MaxTapMove” “110”

    do you think that would resolve the problem, or are there better ways to update “drivers” (i guess they are more like settings) in OpenSUSE. speaking of mouse response, it was setup as a IBM center touch thing (you know the little button that you could push around) and it was crazy sensitive. Sorry for the long comment, but I appreciate the help.

  • Hi Ben, I think you are either on 10.3 or 11 Beta since there is no 10.4 released.

    Anyways, in Yast Package Manager search for “synaptics”. Install the tool and you should be able to turn it off.

    Tell me if it works for you.

  • Ben, you could also try this

    It calls the commands,

    synclient TouchpadOff=1
    synclient TouchpadOff=0

    I can’t test now and my suse box is away 🙁

  • Yeah, I don’t know why I keep thinking I am running 10.4, its 10.3. I appreciate the links and advice and will let you know how everything works. I am a linux noob anyways (only running since last fall) and now switching distros is taking me a bit to get used to. Getting there though.


  • Welcome to the Linux world Ben. We are here to help 🙂

    I’ll be setting up a forum soon for Linux too. Will drop you a note for sure.

  • Rune Skou Larsen

    Thank you Danesh! You are a lifesaver – now I can use linux on my laptop!

    • Rune, glad to hear your notebook’s working good now. Welcome to Linux 😀

  • Loco Ulysses

    Thank you, thank you! This did wonders for the touchpad on my Tecra. It was so bad as to be useless before. How’d you come up with these settings, trial and error?

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