Kingston releases 128GB Data Traveler 200 USB flsh drive


Kingston’s rolled out a new flash drive, the Data Traveler 200.

At 128GB it’s the largest flash drive availalbe today and also the most expensive with a price tag of USD 550. There is also a 64GB model priced at USD 215 and a 64GB model priced at USD 120 if 128GB is too much for you to handle.

With so much storage capacity squeezed into such small form factors, are portable HDDs going to be something of the past? Pricing will be the major arguable point but looking at how hassle free thumb drives are compared to portable hdd drives, it’s gonna be an interesting adventure.

What do you think?

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  • abi

    Dude! Look at the size shrink and as expected the price will be high!! But then again, do you still remember how the prize of the portable hdd were when they were first released! 🙂

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