Looking inside the Apple MacBook Air

Ever wondered what Apple’s MacBook Air looks like on the inside? TechRepublic took theirs apart and made a small pictorial of the process. See the pictures.

Without an optical drive Apple managed to bring the overall size down and through the use of hidden connectors for usb and vga they managed keep the lines smooth all around.

The MacBook Air is a beauty but somehow the inside does not impress me. Maybe it’s seem a bit too simple or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know πŸ™‚

Source: TechRepublic

  • abi

    Dude..it looks horible from the inside man..like some sorta beautified toy!

  • I think I’m a hardcore apple fan as I’m collecting every good gadgets they have. I’ve even think of getting time capsule, but this Macbook Air I’m just not sure why I’m not really into it.

    It’s super slim but that’s just about it I guess.

  • I wonder how does IBM Thinkpad X300 inside looks like…

  • HongKiat I guess your are right, it’s more beauty then function.


    Bro got a spare IBM we can take apart? πŸ™‚

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  • slamdunk

    for me, its beutiful in the inside, not the looks, but the effort that you find inside. its not easy to make a small logic board + slim battery and run fully functional OS. its an art, no doubt about it ( im not a Apple fanboy ).

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