LPIC-1 Questions

Planning to sit the LPIC-1 exams soon? Need to get a feel for the questions?

Exja at Planet Malaysia has a brain dump of his LPIC-1 questions and answers for you to review and get comfortable with.

Here are some of the questions you can expect to see,

No.1 You want to save vi changes to the file myfile with : w!. but vi complains it can not write to the file. Therefore, you want to check the write permissions on the file. To do this without leaving vi, you type:

A. :!ls -l myfile
B. :\s -l myfile
C. esc:ls -l myfile
D. :?ls -l myfile

Answer: A

No.2 You are writing text in vi. Now you want to save your changes and exit. Which TWO sequence of inputs will accomplish this?

A. esc ZZ
B. ctrl : w!
C. esc zz
D. esc :wq!
E. ctrl XX


No.3 After starting vi to edit an existing text file. you press �A� (shift + a). This will let you:

A. insert text at the end of the current line
B. insert text at the end of the current sentence
C. insert text after your current cursor position
D. insert text at the end of the file
E. insert text at the end of your current paragraph


No.4 Which keystrokes will move the cursor 3 lines down and 4 characters to the right?

A. 3j4l
B. 3k4m
C. 3h4j
D. 3l4k
E. 3m4k


No.5 Select all the ways of exiting and saving a vi session.

A. :wq
B. :w
C. :ZZ
D. Shift zz
E. : x
F. :exit



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  • Here’s an answer for each question… how in blazes would I know!!!??!! 😉

  • I don’t know about you, but I find the questions are pretty dumb for what they’re trying to prove: Linux knowledge.

    So what if I know how to use vi? Does that prove anything?

    Imagine if you’re taking Microsoft certifications and most of the questions are about Notepad…. 🙂

    How do you save a file in

  • Ha ha ha… Well this is the first paper only. “Introduction to Linux” je… LPI-201

    The once that will get you excited are LPI-202 and LPI-203. Mostly system tuning, services setup, services administration and kernel stuff.

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