Malaysia Today blocked by TMNET

Malaysia Today blocked by TMNET. Use

Looks like our boys are at it again. Bastards, either their DNS is un-patched or this is deliberate.

Update: The bastards turned out to be MCMC!!!

Sources: MalaysiaKini || Kamal Talks || BangsaMalaysia

If you’re on streamyx and using  TMNET dns servers (….) then Malaysia Today is off limits to you.

Streamyx DNS servers are resolving to “” .  See screenshot

openDNS ( / and other DNS servers got it right so use them to get onto Malaysia-Today .

Again, the alternative URI

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  • Maria

    Thanks very much for the lead…am able to access MT due to your info. Thanks again, means a lot to me to be able get this access!!

  • Ini mesti ankara Najib

  • Changing of DNS servers does help. Thanks for the info.

  • Or you can edit the Windows hosts file at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Add the following: –

    It works for me. You may change the IP address above to either or

    Hope it works for you too, 🙂

  • Habislah,

    Selepas ini , bukan akta DNA yang diluluskan, tetapi Akta DNS.


  • mohd.nasir sidek

    anak haram jadah Badawi/najib mahathir babi come theh bastards blooooody bastards

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