Malaysian broadband providers

If you ever wondered just how many different broadband providers we might have here in Malaysia, then this may help.

1. eBulding –
2. Airzed –
3. Arcnet NTT MSC Sdn Bhd –
4. Atlas One Broadband Internet Provider –
5. Biz Surf – Broadband Internet services –
6. Celcom –
7. Digi –
8. Giga Broadband VDSL –
9. Gold Information Systems Wireless broadband provider –
10. iDiGi Internet Services –
11. iZZi – Mobile wireless broadband, iBurst –
12. Jaring –
13. Maxis Broadband –
14. Metro FON –
15. NasionCom –
16. Penang FON –
17. PutraNet –
18. Time Net –
19. Time Broadband –
20. TMnet –
21. TMnet Streamyx –
22. Webbit – Time Wireless Broadband –
23. ZapZone Wireless Hotspot –
24. Netlynx by TIME dotCom Berhad –

Updated on 27th December 2008

25. P1W1MAX –
26. InfoLient –

Updated on 3rd January 2009

27. Amax –

My Opinion: MetroFon/PenangFon is the best provider I have ever used here in Malaysia. I was using them during my stay in Penang for more then a year. RM60 for 2mbps up/down. Can’t beat that now can you damn Streamyx!!

If you realize, many of the providers above only offer up to a maximum of 2mbps and the prices are ridicules. Is there a limitation to what providers can give to end users set by the gov?

Source: PlanetLOWYAT

  • abi

    WHOA! Thats a long list man and yet there isnt anyone out there who is great! all very ordinary service and leaves the consumer only wishing we had more…P.S ,in Australia they run abou 30Mbps, in Japan about 100mbps?? Here…we got 1mbps! were yearsssssss away man!

  • Ya man, Japan is the current leader in Asia 10 100mbps.

    I have to thank the planetLOWYAT for compiling the list.

  • metroFon/PenangFon actually uses quite a lot of FOSS based servers. (that’s at least what I know previously)

    If not mistaken it too, has some WiFi solutions for broadband.

  • Fergie

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  • Beng

    What lah…. all the ISP served in one area – Klang Valley. How about Southern, Eastern and Northern area.. It’s stay these area people no need Broadband!!!! Yes… we have broadband service but all is lousy ISP…e.g. “Covered area only for this Taman…”, “You need to wait for 7 days to let us checked any available…..”
    Malaysia ISP can you go out of Klang Valley….??? go to the area those who need it broadband more than Klang Valley..pleaseeeee…

    • I’m in centralish KL (Bangsar), but streamyx can’t stream here.

  • malaysian

    hi guy,
    b4 u apply for this line,

    pls consider my experience 1st.
    i giv a fair comment on the service.

    currently, i’m using tis service provider line.
    the advantage of this connection is u no need to apply telephone line,
    so you can save RM26 rental for phone.
    So u onli pay for the internet line.
    furthermore, the customer service is quite ok compare wit the biggest company.
    once you got any problem,
    u can interact with them via email.
    They might reply ur email. this is the different compare with big company.
    But unfortunetl, i always send them email till they dun wanna reply dy.
    I sent email to them not for fun.
    I got my reasons.
    1st of all, i think seldom got company can compete with the monopoly business by GLC.
    and i support new cservice provider as i think they may perform better than the current biggest company.
    so, i keep in touch wit them frequently and giv them feedback so tat they can improve and growth stronger as we need more competition in the industry.

    the disadvantages of the line:
    the line will down at least once a month(from my record- i os dunno y.tat y i always send them an email)
    sometimes more than that.
    for your information,
    everytimes after raining,
    the line will down for a few hours.
    the speed is not so fast as promise.
    Streamyx 1M line can get BT download speed up to 120kb/s
    Metrofon 2M line can get BT download speed up to 70kb/s
    so, i hav no idea who is reliable and they all claim that they provide higher speed.
    therefore, u make your own decision.
    wanna choose stremyx or metrofon.

    now the new name of metrofon is my sentralfon

  • malaysian boyboy

    I think you should add to your list and P1 Wimax. The best deal out there has got to be from infolient with a monthly subscription of only RM59 with speeds up to 1mbps.

  • Thanks dude, updated the list

  • broadband_headache

    Wow, I was really surprised to see that there are THAT many broadband providers here in Malaysia!

    I’m living in KL and am actually mulling over which one to subscribe to. Any advice or recommendations?

    Would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Gary

    Noted nobody wrote about Maxis Broadband. I’m currently using Maxis broadband, the one with the USB modem at my plc on 19th floor. Not reliable, either u get tortoise speed at times and worse still, you just get disconnected just like that. But on ground level up to 5th floor, it’s ok.

    I used streamyx before signing up for Maxis. Boycotting streamyx, slow, lousy cust service, etc. Don’t mind paying if I can get fast & stable service? Anyone knows of any providers better than Maxis?

  • matblogger


    Borrowed your list for a post on my blog. Hope you don’t mind (did include a link back to your blog). By the way I agree to your point that PenangFON definitely rocks. I have both Streamyx and PenangFON at home. Its easy to say which one wins – definitely PenangFON. My company also gave me a Maxis mobile broadband modem and I have to say that I havent used it for more than 5 minutes (in the past 3 months). I think that speaks volumes about its service.

    • Glad to be of service dude.

  • Shirley

    im so headache bout chosing a broadband service tat suit me….
    recently i’m moving to Kampar…to further my study at UTAR…
    im living alone,so im not considering sharing internet services with others…
    so if anyone can gv me advice wic more suits me??
    im so confusing……..

  • sad to say la, but if you have access just take Streamyx…. everything else is too expensive for students i feel

  • Dennis

    no use all the listing above mostly are for corp user. So limited coverage and availability. Even thru have would be pricy

  • Naim

    correct me if i’m wrong….as far as i’m concern..only streamyx can use P2P…with proper setting and knowledge, u can get 80 – 150 KBps dl rate (streamyx 1MB)…and i usually can dl/grab a full movie in less than 5 hours..that good enough for me…and there is no wireless broadband that allowed P2P…if internet is just for browsing and chatting…don’t bother bout a high speed connection…

  • Naim

    i’m currently have a streamyx and maxis broadband…waiting for wimax

  • Naim

    there is a lot of different between cable/wired and wireless connection…wired connection usually provide faster and stable connection and less data losses…the only adv of wireless is mobility….take a simple example….compare ur fixed line with ur mobile phone…fixed lined won’t give u “no network” or “searching network”….if u are a hardcore internet user…go for wired…increased ur knowledge…read a lot…internet can teach u a lot of things…… the way i agree that screamyx sucks….

  • HH.Teoh

    Well? Does anyone know which broadband are currently reliable to used?

  • Well dude, I’ve tried many. Sadly streamyx is still the most reliable compared to others.

  • Titus

    hi… Please try to log on to they are having a turn around for this company and customers will be expecting a lot from them soon.

  • Alexis

    I have read some comments above and agree that streamyx is not that good as they say they would be. Anyway, i have been using streamyx for 6 years now and they still haven’t get their problem fixed ( always disconnect ) , maybe its the area i live in? If thats the case why din’t streamyx inform me that my area isn’t good enough?Since December 2008 , I have suscribed Maxis 3G Broadband. In the beginning , the speed is okay and the disconnect rate the far apart compared to streamyx, but sometime in March 2009 i don’t know why I couldn’t search any networks in my area. And so i call the customer service and they keep on asking me to use GPRS to connect to the internet ( I could only search for GPRS network at that time) I MEAN C’MON GPRS is like way back in time~! i could only a browser like for 5 minutes lol. After Maxis, i went to Celcom, Lets say Celcom has a lesser disconnect rate compared to streamyx and the speed is the same as Maxis but if Maxis continues to be that time when i 1st suscribe, i would surely be a sincere customer. Up to date i’m still using Celcom Broadband as they claim they have the widest and best speed in Sabah compared to Maxis and DiGi. Lastly, why does Singapore has a better internet service provider? I thought Malaysia got INDEPENDENT before Singapore? Plus Malaysia has Oil to keep their economy running, where has all the money gone? If you say Singapore is a smaller country and its easier to manage, then please compare Malaysia to China~!

    • I think that you know the answer. The people in powerful positions have made themselves rich, but are neither effective nor efficient at running things, apart from their own bank accounts. Tidak Apa Boleh!!

  • Naim

    it’s not about the money i guess…maybe it’s our gov policy…internet is a world without boundaries…u can get anything..learn anything…nobody really know u there…u can be someone else in the net….if we had a connection with 100mb data transfer ( i think T1 got that kind of connection) …who knows what will happen…maybe malaysia can produce the most notorious hackers…maybe our productivity level will decrease (myself for eg…if streamyx got a good connection or my maxis broadband can download up to 120 KBps usually late night or early in the morning …i will stuck in front of my PC for hours….heheh)….and i do agree that without proper supervision internet can cause ‘severe damages’ to our teenagers…..and to adults too…if adults supervised the teenagers…who will supervise the adults…maybe our gov not ready to spend extra fund for internet security and don’t got much time to supervise adults ‘extra activity’ on the net (i guess most of us are adults here…heheh)….sorry if i’m wrong…but it’s something to think about…..if u still want extra fast connection…learn about VPN…. extra fast connection vs extra more money

  • Hammie

    Hi, Which one would be the best office broadband? should my company use a dynamic or fixed ip? what are the difference? i have 15 staff currently growing. thanks for your advice

  • Raphael

    Hammie, fixed ip is designed for large corp with their own server running online 24/7. If your company has only 15 staff, dynamic will do, because you juz need to connect to the internet, not hosting a server. correct me if i’m wrong..

  • Neoh

    I’m having some issues deciding which internet provider to go to…

    I’m currently staying on the 25th floor of an apartment in the KL city centre and I travel a lot around Malaysia, especially to the East Coast of Pahang, Trengganu & Kelantan which coverage & connectivity is not that good as compared to the Klang Valley.

    I have tried Celcom broadband for my 25th cloor apartment, which the connection is MAJORLY CRAP, and have been advised to get a fixed line connectivity, as mobile broadband doesn’t covers anything above the height of 3 floors.

    Problem is that I also travel a lot, thus also need to get coverage & connectivity at various places when travelling around the East Coast of Malaysia.

    Can someone advise what’s the best (& possibly cheapest) provider / package with the best coverage that covers BOTH scenarios of an 25th floor apartment in the KL City centre and travelling on the East Coast of Malaysia.


  • Choylin

    Our office need to access China websites most of the time for work purposes but we are never able to load the pages. Currently subscribed to Streamyx. Can anyone recommend any other broadband provider that is able to view China’s sites? We are located in PJ, SS2.

  • TPskynet

    I would to know which is the best broadband.
    and i now study at Uitm seri iskandar.. soo which broadband more nicely to use

  • are-bu

    I’m currently using maxis broadband,when i 1st bought it(cause of the free modem),they say that the download n speed is unlimited,but recently the speed have been really sluggish,i called the customer care and they said they have a fair usage limit of 3GB per month with speed 3.6mbps,so now my speed is really slow,and i’m paying RM108 per month for 3GB….its very funny isn’t it?,so im switching to celcom bb(starting price RM278)..will see what dont have a lot of choice in Terenggnu

  • Mike

    Finally, Penangfon is available in my apartment. Same old question, is Penangfon better compared to Streamyx (in term of P2P sharing, Ping for online gaming, etc if i compare the 1mbps Streamyx pack vs Penangfon)? Anyway can provide me the latest update?

  • Jonathan

    PenangFON is available in my apartment too. My uncle who lives 2 floors above me is using PenangFON now, while I’m still on Streamyx 1mbps. I wasn’t sure about Streamyx vs PenangFON. So I did some personal tests and got the following results:-

    @@@– Streamyx –@@@
    ## **bandwidth speed test**
    (shows 1.48 Mbps D/L speed and 0.38 Mbps U/L speed during the daytime and non-peak hours.)
    (shows 0.2-0.4 Mbps D/L speed and 0.2 Mbps U/L speed during nighttime and peak hours approx 8pm – 1am.
    ## **line stability test**
    (shows Grade A with 0% packet loss and 60ms Jitter during nighttime and peak hours same as above.
    ## BitTorrent Test
    (Average of 5 kb/s DL speed during daytime)
    (Average of 15-20 kb/s DL speed past 12am midnight)
    (On random cases, I don’t know why… but sometimes I get 60-70 kb/s DL speed past midnight. Very Very Rare though)
    Reason why BT is so slow is because TMNet is intentionally limiting P2P and BT due to the software’s nature of absorbing all available bandwidth. Its called Throttling.
    ## Website Surfing Test
    Popular websites like,,, and others load very fast during the daytime. Less than 5 secs.
    These websites load time slow down during night. Sometimes taking up to 30 seconds just to load
    E-mails are still accessible but takes a longer time to load. Approx 2-3 mins. Sometimes errors and doesn’t load at all until I click refresh.
    ## Online Gaming Test
    I play World of Warcraft (WoW) Original US server. (and alot more online games but i decided to test with WoW since its the most demanding MMORPG for a fast, stable, non-disconnective, and 0% packet loss line quality.)
    Using WoWTunnels or Gamepath, a Proxy to decrease ping time, I get an average of 230-300ms latency during daytime and off-peak hours with no disconnections and no lag spikes. Very smooth. Ventrilo VoIP works fine. 200ms average with no breaks in voice.
    When i play at night, peak hours (8pm – 1am), even using a proxy, I get 1500ms above and very spiky, very laggy and disconnective line. I cannot play at all. A Cmd Prompt & Pingplotter Ping test shows multiple “Request Timed Out” on Streamyx’s line.
    The crucial part about online gaming is at night, when most events and activities happen and a smooth line is a MUST. Any active online-gamer will require this part the most.
    Ventrilo VoIP pings tend to fluctuate between 200ms-3000ms. Voices spoken over ventrilo tend to have a massive delay and sound broken at night during peak hours.

    I called Streamyx Customer Service, (we all know how much their Cust Serv. sucks…) and after 2 weeks of “Investigation”, they tell me, the issue at night is because of a server congestion problem and steps are being taken to rectify them. Here’s the joke… Estimated time for full repair and recovery… MARCH 2010. THATS 5 MONTHS FROM TODAY. WTF!!??

    @@@– PenangFON –@@@ (Tests only done at night approx 10pm)
    ## **bandwidth speed test**
    (shows 48 Mbps D/L speed and 43 Mbps U/L speed during my test at night, approx. 10pm, Peak Hour. Yes you read it right, I didn’t type wrongly. MegaBitsPerSecond Mbps, not Kbps. **wtf!? (i know)** I was unable to test during daytime and off-peak hours simply because I do not have access to my uncle’s home during that time.
    ## **line stability test**
    (shows Grade A-B with 0% packet loss and fluctuate between 5-15ms Jitter.
    ## BitTorrest Test
    (Average of 2kb-5kbps DL speed. Although I couldn’t leave the torrent on long enough (only 5 mins) for it to connect to multiple seeds, but this was the initial result) Speedwise, not much diff than Streamyx. Actually Streamyx might be better here becoz I get 20kbps past midnight.
    ## Website Surfing Test
    Most popular websites, even and take a while to load. Roughly 20 seconds. Sometimes 1 minute to load. This is definitely slow and uncomparable to Streamyx’s performance during day time, when loading is less than 3 seconds for Streamyx. Like I have said, I can only test PenangFON at night. I DO NOT know PenangFON’s performance during daytime.
    ## Online Gaming Test
    Once again, compared with World of Warcraft (WoW) US Server. Using Gamepath Proxy, I am able to play with 500-600ms latency averagely. I did not feel any lag spikes here, but if compared to Streamyx’s daytime performance, 500-600ms sucks. I need 230ms latency. I wasn’t able to test PenangFON in a 25-man Raid yet.
    For some reason (I don’t know why) I am unable to use WoWTunnels Proxy with PenangFON. It doesn’t respond at all. All actions taken by my character hangs and nothing happens on screen when using WoWTunnels Proxy.
    Ventrilo latency fluctuates between 200ms-1000ms and voices seem broken too, but much less than Streamyx at night.

    SNR Margin and Line Attenuation for both Streamyx and PenangFON are approximately the same at night. In fact, if compared to Streamyx during Daytime, Streamyx has better results for SNR Margin and Line Attenuation. (assuming PenangFON’s results are the same) Once again I repeat, I do not have PenangFON’s statistics during daytime.

    Finally. The part that confuses me.
    Streamyx – Open ping tests and I am able to get ping response from every website I test on using Cmd Prompt’s ping command line “ping (Ip Add /t”
    I get responses from pings, although I get multiple “Request Timed Out” during the nights.

    PenangFON – No Ping Test Results. ALL ping tests return nothing with all results being “Request Timed Out” and 100% packet loss. A simple ping to results in “Request Timed Out” with 4 packets sent, 0 received, 4 packets lost (100% loss). *** WTF!!?? ***

    As I was only able to test PenangFON at night, I cannot differentiate between Streamyx and PenangFON for Video Streaming, aka Both of them are laggy and unable to smoothly stream any video. All videos stop continously, and have to re-buffer every few seconds.
    Streamyx however, has smooth streaming with no lag buffering during daytime and past midnight off-peak hours.

    These are the results that I have got from my tests. I hope my results will help some of you to decide between PenangFON and Streamyx. I have tried to cover almost all areas of using online broadband, from the simplest e-mail / website user… up to the hardcore Online Gamer and Movie Downloader. I sincerely hope this post helps those of you who are like me, looking for REAL TECHNICAL DETAILS, to differentiate and decide between ISPs. Good Luck to you for whatever you choose. =)

    As for me, I plan to use both Streamyx and PenangFON for 1 or 2 months in my own home soon, so I am able to test PenangFON during daytime and can finally make my decision to cut off one of the two ISPs. I haven’t made any final decisions yet as of now.
    I will post results here again for comparison of PenangFON during daytime once I have it setup in my home. Till then, Adios~! Byebye. =D

    • are-bu

      my streamyx can get utorrent download rate up to 120kbps..i think its quite good..but..i just newly subscribe to streamyx..lets see what happen in few month

  • Jonathan

    #### EDIT ####
    @@@– Streamyx –@@@
    ## **line stability test**
    (shows Grade A with 0% packet loss and **less than** 10ms Jitter during daytime and non-peak hours)
    (shows Grade C-D with 3% or more packet loss and **more than** 60ms Jitter during nighttime and peak hours same as above.

    {Apparantly I forgot I can’t use “” in text because websites will read it as HTML script. lol. sorry, i forgot that.)

  • I live in KL, and use Streamyx, but it cannot stream video. Do any broadband providers have a service that can stream?

    • titus

      Dear Bill,

      You may try time dotcom broadband-

      they even have fiber to your home at 50mbps.

      check it out.

  • pop

    Sorry to distrub you all,

    I’m Pop student from THAILAND,

    Now i have the assignment to study and compare the Strategy, promoion and sastification of Internet Provider in Malaysia.

    I try to read the above comment.

    1.There are 2 areas now right? (Klang Valley and others)

    2.I cannot seperate with provider for Fixed or which one for Wireless BB or BOTH.

    Please anybody tell me the existing promotion or strategy that they play now (For example :: Cut price , Incresing Speed, add function etc)

    Please kindly rank your’s opinion which internet provider you most satisfy. (5 ranks)

    Sorry for your uncinvenience,
    I really want to know insight from the local users.

    Many thanks.


  • @pop; I use streamyx – Telekon Malaysia’s so-called service. It’s acceptably reliable, but very slow. Ironically, it cannot stream video.

  • titus


    Time is providing FTTH service at Kiara-too bad. i have frens using it now, the experience was simply amazing.

    pricing was not bad too.

  • Replying to the comment above: Since when has a 5 second response time ben regaded as fast? I used to work for IBM, and, for development work, sub-second response times (SSRT) were recommended.

  • sabri

    Hi all,
    i think there are no best ISP at all. All ISP are very lousy and damn slowest speed.

    How are we going to be advance country in 2020? (The vision of previous PM). I think next 50years we are still way back and only be a develop country.. to be an advance country is only a fantasy..

  • June Low

    I read about theTM’s New High Speed Broadband Service. I think the price for the 5mbps is affordable but I don’t like the cap on downloads. Hopefully in future TM will offer unlimited downloads for the same price. The important thing is that TM improves its service as currently Streamyx is always lagging.

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