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I am currently hosted at godaddy. My subscription ends in 2 months so the time to scout for a new hosting company has begin. This time I’m going for a local hosting provider if possible. Maybe it’s the idea of my blog being close to home, I don’t know.

Anyways, this is what I have narrowed down to so far.

If you know of others good reliable hosting companies please do share them.

  4. emerge web hosting
  5. ipserverone
  6. Exabytes

( Updated July 9th 2007 )

  2. NewMedia Express

( Update August 14th 2007 )

  1. TekTonic VPS hosting

( Update August 20th 2007 )

  1. Server Freak hosting solutions

(Update December 27th)

  1. yeahhost

(Update January 9th 2008)

  1. WebHost2U
  • exabytes works out fine for me.

  • i currently host my site at here. this is my 2nd year i host my site there. the uptime is really 99.9% and it is cheaper than other hosting avaiable in malaysia.

  • coolguy21_my

    should try setup ur own server at house to host . can use dynamic dns. linux platform should b dun to play with

  • coolguy21, thanks.

    Actually i do host at home too now but not my blog as i want it up 24/7. Malaysian ISPs ain’t exactly the best.

    I have web server running at home hosting my Linux repos and also my blog dev site.

  • noname is cool

    Do not choose web hoster’s server located in TMnet Myloca Datacenter.

  • Michael

    My website is hosted in yeahhost and their package is the best compare to any other hosting providers. Try it or get your money back within 30 days.

  • i`m heppy with

    they are good customer services.

  • White

    I’m using yeahhost at the moment and I like their service.

  • LS

    seem like I am not alone using YH here, I am quite happy with their package.

  • i am using DataKL Web Hosting @

    so far so good.

  • been hosting @ exabytes for the past 2 years , had some downtime due to ISP MyLoca and overloading on the server , nevertheless it is bearable compared to other hosting companies . their uptime is 99.9% hence 43.2 minutes of downtime , they meet it ..

  • jabbar

    please please and please dont use cgyhost, it sucks big time, and probably the cheapest ever i can find, but the worst ever, for the past two months, it have been down continuously for 2 weeks, up for few days then down for 1 week, up for 3 days, down again for another 2 weeks, im getting fed up, email their customer service but no reply, try to call but no answer. this cgyhost was recommended by my friend, and he also now like me angry and agitated, please please put on your blog and tell people dont use this cgyhost coz i am one of the victim of such bad web hosting company. thanks.

  • Steven

    After looking at this post and doing some research, I have decided to move to yeahhost. My account was created 3 days ago, but the results are great. Before I moved to them, I received about 30 to 50 spam emails each day, after move to them, no more spam, but only 3 to 4 newsletters from my previous subscription. At this moment I will recommend yeahhost to my friend, unless they make me down in the future.

  • DATAKL rocks

  • AK Lim

    A lot of web host blame their servers down because of MyLoca, but I hosted with yeahhost for more than 2 years, why they never down? I have confirmed with them, they said they are hosted in MyLoca as well. Is it really MyLoca problem or because more people can accept their explanation when they blame MyLoca?

  • LPOS

    Exabytes frequent down time… fed up!

  • Louis

    You can also try the hosting at . Mine’s hosted there; no complaints yet.

  • mon

    yeahhost suck big time too! poor server management.
    my site been down for 5 hours and no call or email to notification me.
    at last they shut down my site just give me a reason than my site too high traffic.
    this is crazy! but they mention 99% downtime free, so what is this???
    pls don’t host at yeahhost.

  • lim

    is true yeahhost is not a very good hosting company. poor management and always down.

  • hatrick


    Yeahhost will not just suspend ur website without giving the reason!! Please check ur site before you say Yeahhost bad word. if you don;t mind you may PM me for more detail. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hatrick


    how u know Yeahhost management is poor??? u have been there before??same word to you, don’t just say the word without doing the proper research!! ๐Ÿ™‚ if you don’t mind pls PM me for more detail.. We will accept any critic from public just to make Yeahhost.. Yeahhost is DYNAMIC we will accept ur POLITE reminder and not any rude word just like wat u wrote here..Lim mark my word “business is business nothing personal”!! i hope no hard feeling for you..

  • mazmiin

    Realy meh? Yeahhost so suck……??? I was thinking u guy have bad impression on it… so far i have around 250 hosting, hosted in yeahhost…. I never feel getting downtime or poor management. 100gb storage 1000gb bandwith for rm199 good mah… why not… Pay more and get less space like webserver, hostpro, mesrahosting, emerge….. C’mon unless ur father or mother print money la….. I never see such stupid person in this orld. rather pay 300 ++ above for 5gb storage…. If anything of being so rude…. just shoot my head… YEAHHOST la the best price… penang kia say “pan gi ko tuo teh”

  • ballie

    It is normal for a web host to take down a site if the site causing troubles to server.
    Is this really suck and poor management or the user’s problem? hard to say. I would prefer web host to take down the site instead of let it creating bunch of troubles to proper users like us.

    I’m yeahhost reseller and I have few reseller accounts with them, I can’t say they’re best in everything but they’re really good in support, they delivered the best server uptime.

  • JackTheBeanStalk

    Hi all,
    I’ve got a very interesting sources. I heard that Yeahhost currently having

    promotion for three days starting 23 July

    2009 12.00AM en until 25 July 2009

    11.59PM. Any inaccurate information

    please inform me.

    Best Regards,


  • Ren

    I’m glad no one mentioned serverfreak. NO ONE should host their sites at serverfreak. They suck big time. I have been jumping from one webhost to another these few years. My current webhost is serverfreak and they’re the worst amongst all the webhosts i have tried.

    Last year i was with exabytes and exabytes were also pretty sucky. Their downtime are worst than the webhost that i tried before them (lfehost). But none of these beats serverfreak’s lousy and sucky server.

    Now i’ve had enough of all local webhosts, i already ordered a plan from justhost. If you think you want to have your blog on local webhost just to feel “closer to home”, think again.

    • I’ve been with ServerFreak for awhile. Never had an issue and their support is excellent….

      It’s weird to see how everyone has different opinions about different hosts.

    • anom

      this guy probably from yeaahost. yeahhost suck big time, dont host at yeahhost, server freak is the best!

  • Ren

    Omg so your on serverfreak now? I’m lazy to check, but if you are on shared server, wait until your site gets really really popular and used up most the available bandwidth each month. All the sites on your account will be down a lot in one month. I can understand if i exceed my bandwidth, but i’ve taken extra caution (using gzip compression etc.) and they still treat my sites as the “bad ones”.

    • i agree dude that will happen when we share. I’m already looking into getting a vps or dedicated server. Waiting for some money first…

      But ya, my experience with ServerFreak has been good so far. Couple of my friends are with them too and no complains… so far ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Pin

    We specialize in Business Email Hosting. Read our email migration case studies

  • zhone

    Yeahhost has yet to refund me after 3 weeks of service cancellation. I have written 3 emails and no response was made to the last 2.
    Its service was ok but the Windows server is not ready for Joomla setup. Linux server is at North America and not suitable for fast connection

  • zhone

    I have just received reply from Yeahhost Malaysia saying the refund will take 6 months. It is a policy to protect the company.

    I would rate this as an dishonest business conduct as it is not spelled out in the agreement. Is this just local or Yeahhost as a whole, I wonder…

  • hi

    A “refund” in SIX MONTHS??? That’s bulls, man. Who knows after 6 months they’ll come up with another excuse?? For me, i would definitely avoid companies like that. Seems to me they just want to get rid of you so that you won’t bug them for the six whole months.

    I’ve changed webhost a lot, from local to overseas ones, but never heard of such thing as refund that takes 6-months to clear.

  • jaba

    You mean within 6 months or after 6 months?
    I think it is just their policy to prevent abuse, you should get it real fast.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m using their services since 2005, they’re one of the best hosting provider. Not just server reliability, but also friendly and helpful support.

  • jaba

    You mean within 6 months or after 6 months?
    I think it is just their policy to prevent abuse, you should get it real fast.
    Donโ€™t get me wrong, Iโ€™m using their services since 2005, theyโ€™re one of the best hosting provider. Not just server reliability, but also friendly and helpful support.

  • JE

    If you ever use Yeahhost service, you know they’re the best among all. Go for it unless you can’t afford it.
    I’m a web designer, tried many local hosting providers but most of them are suckers except Yeahhost, so good luck to you if you go for anything else.

  • Vincent

    Talking about YeahHost…. They are really suck and they can direct shutdown they website without any logical reasons . The email I send to them seem like going to their black holes with no replies and some more shutdown my Website and email direct and I have pay them up front of the re-newal . They are NOT Professional and I am not really happy with their service and knowledge they have . I would not recomended my client to them as i been subribe with them also three years and they are act as they are not think. I am running my business and they totally cut off the supply of the resources and I have lost some of my order and business . I really Hate their service …. and support.

  • Kelvin

    Yeahhost still my first choice after years, even not all my sites hosted there, but I like them most.
    Vincent, who know you’re hosting porn or running an illegal business online? They shut down your site maybe for good. You’re hiding something. hehe! Just what I’m thinking about, no offense.
    From your claims, easily tell you’re not their customer for 3 years, not even 1 day.
    Yeahhost delivers the best service and support, their replies are fast, never miss a single shot and no junk words, fix problems quite straightforward. That’s it!

  • …I used ServerFreak for 3 years and they are really good. I had used IPServerONe too few years ago and they are good too. Both ServerFreak and IPServerOne email support are great and they are knowledgeable.

  • anonymouse

    I would take someone’s recommendation more seriously if they have websites that use/need 1.) lots of bandwidth 2.) up to 70% cpu usage at any given time 3.) quick load time, and their websites are dynamic.

    If your website only uses like 50MB of space, and merely 5GB of monthly bandwidth, and only static html thing, and you so brag about your “good” webhost, you just need to be ignored.

    Why? Because you can host these types of websites at ANY shitty webhost and be perfectly satisfied about their “services”. I mean, what sort of problems will you have if you are a web designer placing your static html/css/jscript codes on your little server with just “a few” customers coming to your portfolio website in a month? I bet you won’t even reach 5GB/month bandwidth.

    Problems came when you host large websites that always need high uptime and load time and high utility of all the resources. Because such critical websites can create lots of problems like overusage of cpu, memory, database max connections problems, temp partition full, and the list goes on. All this, will determine how “good” your webhost is in handling the problems, supports when you need them, etc etc.

  • Lu Tan

    I can’t take your words seriously, anonymouse. Ignorants normally expect webhosts to do magic for site loading 70% cpu at any given time.
    No one ever want to host their site there in a server going to crash in any given time.

  • anonymouse

    As i expected, Lu Tan, you have never had huge websites with huge traffics. How much bandwidth and cpu usage do you think sites like digg and delicious get/need per day?

    I supposed you’ve never used a vps or dedicated server and don’t know how to manage your own server through command line. Probably you would need to look up on google right now to understand what i’m talking about. That’s what happened when all you know is “shared hosting”. Now praise your webhost all you want when you don’t even know how to look up your server’s mem and cpu usage without asking your webhost how.

    Go to your favorite host yeahhost’s website and read. There are more things to consider a host than just “free domain name” and “starting from $4/month” claims.

  • Lu Tan

    If a site load 70% CPU, few sites may crash the server or make it a turtle machine.
    I didn’t praise anyone, if you don’t get what I’m talking about, you should at least keep quiet.
    If a webhost allow overloading, they’re either lazy or dumbo, why should I host my site there?
    You’re the only one who know/have huge websites with huge traffics or doing something with command line! GOOD! a frog in a shallow well!

  • anonymouse

    “A few sites will crash the server”??? Clearly you don’t understand what vps and dedicated server are. I’m not going to reply to someone who thinks he knows it all but actually just a mere dummy. My replies stop right here. I better do something else profitable than replying to a 16 year-old that called himself “webdesigner”.

  • Lu Tan

    lol! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!
    All you said are not what I mean at all, you’re trying to twist them so hardly. Obviously you don’t know anything but pretend like you know everything. I’m 16 years old? HAHAHA!!!

  • James

    Sorry I don’t know much about what you guys discussing but we’re using Yeahhost email and website, everything works great, very reliable.

  • Mike

    Exabytes working fine with me. They currently in Aims KL that same datacenter with google. =) Their support will response to you within 1 hours.. Bravo~

  • Clay

    I won’t advise anyone to host with Exabytes unlimited shared hosting package though. Especially if you are running WordPress on their server. They are pretty much overselling on what they can achieve. Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pin

    Overselling is bad.

    By default, there are three parameters which should be taken care by any shared web hosting provider:

    1. Bandwidth
    2. Storage
    3. Compute Cycle

    BEWARE of the catch when UNLIMITED offering are given for any of them.

    Overselling and without limiting the three key elements basically means your website is at risk.

    Bandwidth is expensive. Unlimited is almost impossible. What if someone hosting a MP3 download website. Imagine is Lady Gaga’s telephone MP3 can be found on that server… omg.

    Storage is cheaper nowadays but it is not free. Web host with unlimited storage are hoping that they never meet up with a storage eater like movie sites.

    Measuring Compute Cycle is not easy. Busy sites with heavy codes are CC eater too. Through, most web host in Malaysia does not provide this measurement.

    Unlimited is a catch. Too good to be truth.

    Pin, Hosting Marketplace

  • Tan

    My experience told me yeahhost is the best. Choosing them save me a lot of time to deal with too many sickening hosting companies in Malaysia. Yeahhost is a peace of mind solution, the right ticket to the right destination.

  • Kong

    From my experience, Emerge is the worst.

  • anom

    Yeahhost terribly suckk!, what is it for bigger bandwidth and space if you can have huge traffic? they practice overselling, yet is the truth, that is why their server always overload! Yeahhost suck dont buy hosting there, my account got suspended 2 times! and for the 2nd is the worst. I never have problem when I am with Server Freak, i got site statistic which my account suspended several time on Server Freak, but nothing effect my web, i never got notice to suspend my account yet my blog running 24/7, Server Freak do not practice overselling that is why they a little bit expensive but their service !00% better than Yeahhost, they are more supportive. F*ck Yeahhost

  • ML

    From the above list, only Yeahhost meet our expectations as a serious business, their solutions worked great for us in terms of quality and support. We have branches in Singapore and China, so we have many mission critical transactions happen all time.
    Most of the local hosting companies on the list failed us, moving to Yeahhost is one of the best decisions we ever made.

  • WebmasterMike

    Hi, guys!
    If you search a reliable hosting company, I can recommend you a good Swiss company – Swisshosters (google it).
    They have both dedicated and cloud servers. All of them are protected from DDoS attacks. Their support is 24/7.

    I hope I help you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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