My home made notebook cooler

Been having a hard time finding a suitable notebook cooler for me. I’ve gone through almost all types of coolers available on the market today. Cheapest to the premium priced, single fan to 4 fans, usb powered to adapter powered but yet none did met my standards.

I decided to go ahead and build my own notebook cooler. Played around with acrylic and other materials but what happen was I need to jack my notebook up to get the best air flow. This worked fine while on my lap but not when place on a desk.

Some hours of thinking later I decided to convert my desk into a cooler itself. Started off drilling a hole fit for a 120mm fan powered by a 12v adapter and connected through a molex connector.

2 hours later I finally found my notebook cooler. Works like a champ!!

See pictures of my home made notebook cooler below.

  • Cool! Why not make it 2 or 4 fans? hehehe

  • abi

    Nice work man!! Well done 🙂
    Now you can change it up whenever you need too as well

  • PM,

    Actually I was thinking of it. But the 120mm fan I’m using is really powerful so it would be a over kill. If needed I might add another 2 90mm fans in the future.

    Since you like extra fans then I bet you’d love my servers. I have 2 120mm fans in fronts cooling the hdd in side. Without the fans my hdd will crash… I think Abinesh has seen and “heard” them before.

    Thanks Abi 🙂

  • cinod

    Cool.. the desk is now equip with a turbine.

  • eL

    ouch this is so cool.. but should i make a hole on my ikea table 🙁

  • Awesome work but does your leg feel hot now?

  • eL, my notebook is on the table 70% of the time so it made sense to make the hole. If you are the same then it would make sense to work your table but if not you’re better off buying a retail cooler.

    What’s ya thoughts?

  • WL, actually my legs cold. The fan sucks from below and blows up. Reason being my notebook’s air intake in under and blow out behind.

  • eL

    Danny, true you got the whole idea. the fan that you are using is much more powerful that the retail one right? cos most of them are smaller size? i think i have an idea to get a wooden board, make a hole on it, and put 2/3 fans, which height is almost the same as the wooden board. and put it higher abit under my laptop. don’t you think its a good idea?

  • eL, The fan I use is slightly overkill actually but it looks cool 😉

    You idea of the wooden base would work just fine. The tricky part would be getting the right hight. You could alternatively look at acrylic/plexi glass too. Available at shops doing adverts or also frame shops. Will cost you under RM50 at most.

  • eL

    Danny, cool eh. Yours plugin to the usb? i wonder if anybody created it directly to the plug socket 😛 like switch it up via the plug socket on the wall. will it blow up the fan?

  • eL, I’m not using USB. Not enough power. USB ports only give out about 5volts so if your fan is small that would work fine. Most of the notebook coolers on the market are usb powered that’s why the fans are smaller and also less noisy but at the expense of lower air flow.

    I am using an old 12volts power adapter to power my fan. The fan is 12volts. I use a molex connector(HDD power connector) for attach the fan to the power adapter.

    If you need any help with the connections and stuff I’ll be glad to help out as I have the tools. FOC 🙂

  • eL

    cool, thanks for the offer 🙂 i will try to see what i can do. by the way, your notebook, the air flow is on which side? bottom is it? mine is on the side. but since my laptop is switch on almost the time, i took out the battery, and the cdrom, so more holes for the air to go out. and i have 1 retail cooler with 2 fans. the problem with this cooler, after 3 months the fans making weird sound, like “GIVE ME A BREAK, IM DYING” :p

  • eL, my notebook’s fan is on the top left. suck from bottom and blows out behind.

  • Good work. but its spoiling the table!..

    anyway it can be featured in i think. please submit ur link to them!

  • Very cool mate. That’s the spirit! DIY all the way. 🙂

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