My Streamyx is screwed again


My Streamyx is screwed again. Actually it’s been like that for a month now. The speed is nominal in the mornings but after 8pm the speed drops to 1/4 the normal. My last bandwidth test came up with 104.4 Kbits/download and 290Kbits/upload. Looks like someone’s overselling bandwidth again, you think so? Or could it be a simple port overload?

I reported the case last week and was assigned a case and an engineer. They call me up 1 day later to verify. I said no one showed up, they gave me a number to call. I called and was informed that the engineer should have already attended to me. Further investigation revealed that the engineer never showed up, he excuse was “there were too many students around the exchange box for me to work on it”, literally. That was it, I never heard back.

Today, couple of days later I called Streamyx again. To my surprise the agent said my case was resolved and closed. I said “NO, it’s still da same”. We went on again with the normal chat till she finally logged a new case and assigned a new engineer to the case. Also, I was advice to email some screen shots.

See for yourself,

My mail to streamyx,

login# !@#@3
contact: 01@-!@#$#%#@

Please look into my issue. Th speed is normal in the mornings but every night the speed drops to a pathetic rate. I’ve included screen shots for your reference. It looks like a load issues, are your junctions overloaded? Please tell me no…..

The engineer assigned to my initial case never showed up but closed my case. Is this how you support your paying clients? I know I have not other provider to turn to but please don’t take advantage of your privilege.

The girl I spoke to earlier was really nice and assisted me well. I hope I will get the same support from your team.

I was also looking to upgrade my line to 4Mbps but they told me “port full” haa haa, I live in the city and there are no ports?

Anyways please fix my issue, I appreciate your quick response.

I just want my promised bandwidth. I am a paying customer, is this too much to ask?

  • Not again… But I really don’t understand why they informed you “port full” for the 4Mbps, its pathetic!

  • I’m just glad to be back online. As you know, I just moved and as a result, the lovely guys at TM decided to take their time installing my port. Initially they told me that I’m going to have to wait til the 30th of June because all the ports are full, and so I had to pull out my Ace of Spades: I told ’em my dad was the Chief Editor at Star Editorials, and if they don’t solve my problem by the next day they can very well see a long complaint published.

    Next thing you know, here I am. šŸ™‚

  • p.s.- Remember how Gateway used to send customers replies from templates? It’s the same with them, I tried sending them some mails but all I ever got was templated answers. Bloody cronies.

  • Man you back online, awesome!!!

    They really have issues man, I sent the mail and never received a reply. šŸ™

  • MTBRogue

    I’m having problems with connection with Streamyx…and was considering moving to some other provider.

    Question i have is:

    Is it true that regardless what provider i use, my problems may remain cos the lines being used are still TM Lines ?

    If so, is there any solution anyone can provide me with so that i can ultimately DROP $@%%@#$ streamyx?

    Help please.

  • Sorry dude but the answer to your question is sadly no šŸ™

    Try PenangFon/MetroFon. They might be a bit better…

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