openSUSE 11.1 released!!

Woo Hoo openSUSE 11.1’s out!! Grab it here

What’s new?

Brand new license

GNOME 2.24.1

KDE 4.1.3

KDE 3.5.10 3.0 – Support for ODF 1.2, better Excel integration,

Linux –

Improved YaST – new printer module, new partitioner module, new security module

See full new features list.

openSUSE is available for download in multiple formats, something for everyone;
openSUSE 11.1 DVD 32-bit
openSUSE 11.1 DVD 64-bit
openSUSE 11.1 DVD PowerPC
openSUSE 11.1 GNOME 32-bit Live CD
openSUSE 11.1 KDE 4 32-bit Live CD
openSUSE 11.1 GNOME 64-bit Live CD
openSUSE 11.1 KDE 4 64-bit Live CD

Start downloading now! or if you prefer purchase the openSUSE 11.1 Box Set.

Don’t forget to share your openSUSE 11.1 experience through the multiple channels!

  • I have created a Multimedia Pack portable for OpenSUSE, the included programs and codecs are:

    1) VLC
    2) Mplayer
    3) Smplayer
    4) Amarok
    5) DVD::RIP
    6) K9copy
    7) Avidemux
    8.) ffmpeg
    9) w32codec
    10) Gstreamer *
    11) K3B – K3BCodec
    12) Libdvdcss
    13) xine – libxine1*
    14) Kdvdcreator
    15) Winff
    16) mjpegtools
    17) Acetoneiso

    you can install any of the above without internet, they include all the dependencies, just unzip the both files into a folder named MMP2009 and create a repository from that folder as a simple rpm folder in yast, then make a search in the yast installer with the name of the program and check it to install it, this is very important if you dont have internet at home, and besides, by default Open Suse doesnt include several codecs due to license matters.

    I created a blog about the MMP2009 where you can download the pack:

  • mohan

    how to config telnet, i have using window and suse linux 11.1. how to connect telnet from window to linux.

    Please help me.

    thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mohan,

      Don’t use telnet. Instead go with ssh. Download “putty” onto your windows machine and ssh into your opensuse 11.1 using that.

      Download Putty

  • rdr

    This is why linux is not popular. I want to run programs on linux from a windows machine, have spent two hours getting a standard service running.
    Current status –
    ssh – when I run putty to the linux machine the screen remains empty
    telnet – when telnet to the linux machine (from the linux machine) I get same

    eventually they show network connection timed out.
    A ping works.
    I am using the ip address to make the connection.

  • you firewall dude….

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