P1 WiMAX goes live in KL

Drop Streamyx, go P1 WiMAX

WiMAX by P1( Packet One ) finally goes live in KL. Packages start from RM49 for 400Kbps and go up to RM269 for 2.4 Mbps. This the the non promotional price.

P1 is currently running their introduction promotion which starts on August 20th and ends on 30rd September. The prices have been significantly reduced and the modem (RM999) is included for free so sign up fast to enjoy the savings. I’m thinking about it too.

Source: Delirium

  • The P1 W1MAX plans and packages is not so competitive to me and my area has no coverage. Still have to stick with TMnet Streamyx, 🙁

  • abi

    My area still has no coverage man..but im looking forward to the converage to come to this area, it needs to have strong presence where i live before i consider it man!

    Mean while ill stick to streamyx who better drop their prices or improve their quality to stay competitive!

  • Hehehe… for my thoughts, I’m looking forward for both the providers P1 and Streamyx to drop their prices tremendously to compete each others, 😀

    How about the price below P1 and Streamyx if you guys are reading this post?

    1Mbps = RM49
    2Mbps = RM99
    4Mbps = RM149


  • That’s an awesome plan man. Competition is always good…. just look at DIGI vs MAXIS vs CELCOM 😉

  • jy

    had subscribe and using Wimax for 2 months. When i first try out the 15 days free trial period, the speed is reasonable and can’t complaint anything cause the entry level home user package much cheaper than maxis broadband.

    However, after the 3-4 week, my nightmare comes.

    For the past 3 weeks i hardly could connect to the internet.
    I had call more than 15-18 times to cry for support but so far non of the customer service and support engineer can really solve my problem.

    I was given tons of excuses such as and pointing me to the wrong direction.

    When i subscibe the package, then check my coverage and says everything it’s fine. But now when i got problem, they tell me mayb your base station is not strong and change the other side pointing to another base station. So i told the customer service that, first my modem is on green light and nothing to do with based station, seocndsly if i follow his advise, means i have to set behind my kitchen to connect to the direction he mention. Well, that doesn’t make sense for me to get WIMAX, right?

    The is another csutomer service say call me back for support but never, when i call them up 2 days later, their excuses to me is that customer service is on leave lar, so no one free to follow your case.

    Got another funny convrsation is, the custoerm serice say my acount is terminated, maybe that’s why i cant connect to internet. i told the custoemr service i got all the payment confirmation that there is noithing worng with my payment but he say nothing much he can do.

    For those who want to get WIMAX, hope you get more opinions from exisitng users b4 jump ship.

    As for me, maybe i’m the lucky one but honestly, their support is HORRIBLE and signal consistency is not there. In the end, what i pay for is to get more frustration.

    If P1 is not ready for WIMAX, pls solve all your technical issues and upgrade your customer service level before launching it. IT’s a disgrace!!!

  • jy, call MCMC.

    They will make P1 fix your problem or let you terminate your contract with them..

  • I totally agree wit JY. I get so frustrated & stress out with tis P1. I live in
    a condo on the 2nd floor and the signal is totally inconsistent. I hav to
    take tat silly box & walk all ovr d house to find the signal. At time I almost
    have to push out the box right out d window. I am contemplating to ask
    P1 to give me a bamboo stick so I can hoist it outside d window. Its a worst
    nightmare when its cloudy or raining.

  • Man P1 equally sucks now… 🙁

  • totally agrre, p1 suck for sure, I see user keep complaining in their P1 Buddy and P1Cares account, but not much they can do, there are new website also against them P1 Wimax Suckswww.p1wimax.net

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