Please decide for me

It’s time to change my blog’s theme. As usual, I’m thorn between 2 themes for my blog.

I need your help. Please help me decide on a theme. Theme A or Theme B.

So far, I seem to be favoring theme A a bit more but ya, I want to see what you have to say too.

Which ever theme wins by popular vote, I will change to end of this week.

THEME A | Evidens

THEME B | Alligned

  • I vote Theme A.

    • thanks dude. 😀

  • abi

    Theme A 🙂

  • Thanks dudes, going with A 😀

  • A is simple, suitable for those want their blog look more clear.

    B is suitable for those who like to put more ads and stuff over sidebar.

    If me, I will go for B

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