Poder Social / Red Social

No Idea what the Video says but it’s freaking cool. Something to do with traveling the globe and coming together. People from different parts of the world contribute by adding a short dancing scene…..

Picked this up at Poder Social / Red Social

  • Hi Danny, the video doesn´t say anything, its in spanish, in case you`re wondering, its from a spanish site http://www.curiosoperoinutil.com, its about people in diferent places of the world dancing, you send your video and they edit it alltoghether, gmail copied the idea and relased the other one you saw.

  • google Matt Harding too

  • Thanks for the info Ramiro

  • Hello!
    Yes, I need a “step by step install Beryl for dummies” instruction book.

    I haven’t used Linux very long but I really like it and I’m going to give windows 100% up!

    But I really would like to know how to do all those cool effects so I can show all my friends that Linux is better that Windows!
    Can you give an “easy to understand” rundown on it?

    Thank you very much!
    I look froward to hearing from you!


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