PS3 comes to Malaysia

Sony has announced that PS3 will officially start going on sale in Malaysia starting 20th September 2008. The opening price with tax will be around RM1599. Blue-Ray, Wifi, 80GB HDD, Dual Shock Controllers, just to name a few goodies that come with the PS3. See full specs

Sony will also give Malaysian users their own PS3 community site which will provide users wil localized information. There’s nothing much there now but check back on the 20th to see the new site.

Source: Sony Asia || PlayStation Malaysia ||

  • Isn’t that price cheap for a Blu-ray player…

  • dont know

    yeah…too cheap…for a ps3….sony probably want ps3 to pass xbox360 and wii sales in malaysia….anyway its sound like a plan for me…..

  • dennis

    now is 17/11/08 but still no news……

  • Dennis, it’s already here. My plas have already bought them. You can get at Sony stores

  • Xavier

    Well……i’m looking forward for the arrival of my favorite game system comes to Malaysia. But the original ps3 games just too expensive.I don’t feel it’s worth to buy.

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