PS3 Slim


The PS3 slim is almost here. I’ts coming out in September and prices at USD 299.

It’s slim, has a tough looking black finish, weighs in at 7.05lb and comes standard with a 120GB hard disk. All squeezed into the new slim form factor.

Check out the PS3 Slim intro by Sony’s Jack Tretton.

[viddler id=14382d8f&w=437&h=333]

Here’s a comparison chart I pulled off engadget.


I’m not sure, I’ve go a white PS3 at home and somehow feel it looks better then slim. Well, I’ve only seen photos of the PS3 Slim so far, might just change my mind when I actually get to see one up close and personal.

Anyone know when we can expect to see the PS3 Slim in Malaysia?

  • Sayapunyer

    The ps3 slim will officially lunch in Malaysia at the end of this year.
    Maybe November..

  • Rizal

    great price cut! now i got a PS 3 too!

  • tan

    ps3 slim is good.. faster & lighter..
    should go for slim if u wanna to buy.

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