RIP Yasmin Ahmad, you will be missed

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Image taken from

Another good person has left us. Yasmin Ahmad, the woman who broke racial boundaries through her wonderful ads, books and movies is no more.

Yasmin left us at 11.25pm last night after spending 2 days in ICU. She suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage.

Source: NST | Abinesh

  • Tammie Wong

    Dear Yasmin____Since that day u left us, my heart is in pain, I do not know u in person I know your work that touches my heart. You are talented, you are special you are what you are. No one can repalce you. Every year I can't wait for the month of August to come and waiting patiently in front of the TV waiting for your ADs. Now everything is gone. You have gone too soon. But I know the goid neeeded you more. R.I.P Yasmin always love you in my heart. Bye Yasmin

  • We will miss you always… 😉

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  • abi

    Big lost for Malaysia, i sure miss her already :S

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