Streamyx International access down

Crap!! Can’t access any international sites now. Not even a notice on their site…
My ad sense ads are not loading and causing unnecessary delays.

Well, off to bed now.

  • Same here bro… accessing to US site is down, 🙁

    Better go off to bed now…

  • It’s ok now. Damn slack man………… Sucky broadband 🙁

  • eL

    gosh not only streamyx, maxis 3G internet has been running very very slow for like 7 days now 🙁 i can’t even use ebay. i cant even upload image via imageshack. what the heck! thats mean, i have been sleeping for like 7 days :p

  • Aik

    It’s a very rude and big brother act for Streamyx to do this. I tried to call the streamyx support call, but no one picked up. I wonder if they pulled out the phone line to avoid customer complain. I was dem pissed… :@

  • We so need services like PenangFon and MetroFon to have wider coverage now… 🙁

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