Tattoo and piercing shops in Malaysia


List of tattoo and piercing shops located around Malaysia. At the time of this post only 16 shops are registered at

I know there are loads of shops out there and freelance tattoo artist who are not registered online or registered on any directory services but I’ll try to digg up some information on them and get some future posts up on them.

Access the list of tattoo and piercing shops in Malaysia at

  • jason

    i m a bartender and i was rejected a job at a bar because i have tattoos .why do people still have negative attitude towards people wit tatts?..

  • I feel you Jason, I just gave up my piercings too. People are just not ready for individuality. Sad…..

  • fit-g

    hey bro….dnt worry they willl accpet the truth of art ….as me i pierce ma tounge and got banged 4m alot of ppl me just keep smilin coz still sum ppl love it n i love it ……………………

  • ye man…. screw them!!

  • Richie

    Bro…..I agreed with you….screw them!!! who cares if they don’t like… Actually I have no tatoo on my body but intend to get some on but I pierce when I was 17……but not now. any idea where can I do my tatoo …any recommendation on a clean and safe shops?

    Thx bro

  • cheekyvampy

    Yeah some people are just not ready…..only 1 word for those kinda people – MORONS!!!!

    Richie – I did my 1st tattoo at Borneo Ink (Hartamas) and the 2nd at Tattoo City Art (Petaling St). Both really good although i do have to say if u go to Tattoo City Art (Petaling St), get the wife to do it for u, her name is June….she is a perfectionist, i love mine

    Does anyone know a good place for tongue piercing? Any implications? How many days i cant talk? Pls advise people

  • I have my tongue pierced. You will be able to talk, but eating will be a pain for about 4 days.

    I got mine done first at red dragon in sg wang, crap!! Re did it in penang. Just get it at you tattoo place…..

  • cheekyvampy

    Hey thx for the info…..some tattoo places dont do it……i might try Spec bodyart……

  • Tell me how it goes. Got any pics of your tats?

  • cheekyvampy

    Yes i do…..but how do i send it here?

  • lilli

    i love tattoos alot i watch tattoo movie till late night. now i and boyfriend are planing to get one. i have decided on which tattoo that i will be happy with my other disagree should i follow my thoughts or my family

    • Do what you want πŸ˜€ …….

  • Angel K

    I have 8 tattoos n my dad will freak out if he noes. my mom luv my tatts cos she has it also. my advice is…jus to conceal it..i mean not bcos of scared for the parent but more bcos i dowan my dad to be angry or sad..out of the respect for him.. so..go do it with open heart n happy mind.. πŸ™‚

    • aaa that’s nice of you. I am the other way around. My parents have come to understand me now. Why I love piercings and tattoos.

  • Richie

    wonder how costly it is to do on both arm, maybe just a small area

  • Richie,

    totally depends on the design and size. Can be anything from rm200 to rm 1000 πŸ˜€

  • Ferris

    Hey Danesh i have been wanting to get a tattoo for quite some time now but i mean TATTOO more in the art form. Been around looked at many places but still have not had the courage to get one… reason being can’t really trust just anyone. After all it will bear with me till my dying days any Recommendations for a Great artist? and do most people bill per tatt or hour??

  • YO Ferris, it’s good that you are thinking deep and long about this. Like you said, it’s a life long decision.

    I recommend, Inked in Sunway. Beeny’s the artist. Charges are normally based on the design and not hourly.

    My advice, go meet the artist first. Run him by your idea, see what he says. You will know if he’s the one πŸ˜€

  • I have three tattoos. All of them on my arms, so I could hide them when I started working in a restaurant. Some days ago my boss saw one of them and I must say he was quite shocked. I am looking forward to seeing his face when he finds out my other two tattoos. Shall I lose my job, fuck it! It’s worth the fun πŸ˜‰

  • aliff

    hey guys..
    i’ve pierced myself when i was 15..
    now i got some prob wit buddy..
    morons! 24th now..
    now i got my eyebrow ear.
    im thinking or getting my tounge pierce..
    anyone have a opinion on tht?
    is there any place in penang that is safe n clean??

    • I did mine at komtar building area. There’s a shop there but i wont the the are really good. There’s a another place down in Feringi. The new white shop lots.

  • aliff

    ow ok..sunway?bcoz i did mine at sunway shopping complez the other day…

    dat chinese guy seems nice..

    i just wanna second opinion.. πŸ™‚

    • nafisa

      hey! i want to do a tongue piercing as well. where in sunway did you get yours done? i live in sunway as well. Have been looking for a shop nearby for ages!! pls pls reply!

      • Try them. They are good.

        LONG & HARD Tattoo & Piercing,
        Unit F-28 1st Floor, CentrePoint shopping mall,
        Bandar Utama, PJ

        alternatively u can still go 2 our 1st shop in sunway:

        INKED Tattoo & Piercing
        39-1, Jln. PJS 11/28b,
        Sunway Metro, PJ

        (Inked Tattoo Studio is located at the Sunway Metro shoplots BEFORE Sunway Pyramid)

        ring us up for appointmnts / enquiries

        Benny: 016-2966010 | 016-8808810 | 03-56312517
        Shawn: 016-8441203 | 010-9477749 | 03-56312517

  • mala

    i wan to knw how much does it cost for belly piercing?

  • Rieveshya

    Bro, do you have any shops to recommend for tongue, eyebrow and chin piercing that is safe and clean in Penang??

  • Rieveshya pulau tikus has one i think. Young guy, can’t remember name. Also there’s another one at komtar/bus station ground floor. Got 1 thr bfr

  • MC

    hey,i think we can solce yours problems…
    hope to see u guys…
    visit our website now…
    or u may call us
    we are from PENANG…

  • we are custom tattoo studio located at kuching, sarawak…we provide clean,private and custom works. NO TRIBAL PLEASE ..feel free to visit my gallery at or email me at for more info

  • Brian

    Hi all,
    I would like to find out where is the best tattoo shop on memorial potrait. Please help, its very important to me.

    Thank you.

  • Richie

    I wanted to do a potrait(my wife) on my arm, wonder any shops or artist is really goood at this in KL area? Usually how many %tage of similarity

  • Justin Goh

    I would like to get a tattoo of a Japanese traditional goldfish. So I’m wondering whether to go for Borneo ink or tattoo art studio to get it done. Which shop is better in Japanese traditional tatt? Or can you guys recommend me other place? Thx

  • Neney


    I’m looking for stretching kit and any kind of jewellery for stretched ear lobe (eyelet, plugs, tapers, spirals, tunnels etc.).
    Any suggestion of where can I find those stuffs around KL & Shah Alam ? Or maybe any online shop (M’sia & S’pore) ?

    It’s so hard to find. And most shops that sell those items, they have limited design & size. Seriously limited!


  • bishy

    heyy was wondering if there is any piercing places here with anaesthetics?i wanna get my lower lip done,i did it before but it kinda screwed up so im kinda paranoid of the pain now haha..but i really wanna get it done.would be a great help.thanks!

  • shaila

    hej i jus thought of piercing my tounge.
    can i noe were is the best place and the cost?
    serioulsy afraid of the pain..scard cnt tk it..

    • Go to SG.Wang. There’s a shop that. TatZoo or Flesh Zoo I think. He’s good.

  • shaila

    thnks dude =)

  • ShaDeva

    Hey guys . Im fourteen & Iwanna get my tongue pierced ! Do you guys have any idea where I can get pierced ? Safe & clean somewhere at KL

    • SG Wang… Something Zoo….

  • Jazs

    May i ask how much would a wrist bracelet tattoo cost? Been thinking long and hard about which shop to go to in klang valley.

    • 200 – 400 is my guess. Looking around SG wang or lookup tribal ink.

  • MS

    hey guy,

    im interesting to have a tattoo
    but im new i dont where can get a trustable and pro artist to do

    Do you have any place or any artist can intro me ?
    i mean in KL

    thank you

  • linda

    hi… i want to know .. johor area where the good piercing shop.. before this i do tongue piercing… but i never ask about other piercing..u know where shop do piercing for woman (wish u understand what i mean).. thanks

  • sheila

    Does anyone have Benny’s number? I’ve been trying to call the number below and i’m not able to get through.

  • k.w

    Hey there! Am thinking of redoing my inverse navel piercing. looking for a piercer who is experienced in re piercing anywhere in kl or sunway area. thanks!

  • Nihayatul Diyana Pakharuddin

    Hayy , i’m thinking of getting a nape piercing . And i’m looking for a professional piercings studio . In kuala lumpur . Do you mind giving me a heads up of the whereabouts ?

  • Hema Praba

    Hey i wanna get my first tattoo…
    any recommended shops in Melaka????

  • Hussain Ahmed

    im new here in Malaysia so don’t know any good places , but i wanted to ask if theres a thing called temporary piercing because i don’t want one to stick with it all my life , if theres such thing please let me know , im looking a tattoo in an art form and do tell me the relative cost.

    • you can try jewelry shops in sg wang in bukit bintang.

  • lyn

    I want to pierce my eat using a needle. Where can I find a shop in kl?? Or a shopping centre and is needle piercings pricey??

    • Try Sg.Wang. A couple the. Flesh Zoo I think. Price is around RM100 to RM200

  • Silva Grey

    would you tell me some shops in Kuching that sells ear lobe stretching kit?

  • Beckkayyy

    hey,i’ll been wanting to get a belly peircing so i’m wondering if anyone know a clean place in penang?

  • Aureus

    Any recommendation for piercing tragus and daith in penang?

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