Tweaking openSUSE

2 resources you must have to enjoy the full experience of an openSUSE Desktop.

1. openSUSE Community

If you enjoy doing everything manually as I do then you will certainly find everything you need here.

– Adding and managing openSUSE package sources.
– Adding and managing third party package sources.
– Enable support for restricted formats. (mp3,dvd,etc….)
– Good FAQ section.

2. konvenientSUSE

Automates the process of tweaking your openSUSE installation. Basicly does everything above through GUI.

– Adds package repositories / installation sources.
– Installs multimedia codecs.
– Enable Encrypted DVD (DVD movies) playback support.
– Enable support for Java and Flash.
– Install Nvidia and ATi 3D drivers.
– Ditch ZENWorks.

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