Twitter Tees By Threadless

Twitter has partnered with Threadless to come out with “Twitter Tees by Threadless“. Twitter powered Tees where the design is decided by your Tweets.

This is cool,  The Threadless community actually votes for it’s favourite Tweets. The popular Tweets then end up on Tees. This is something other Tee shirt companies don’t quite do yet.

3 simple steps to get your Tweet onto a Tee;

First,  Submit or nominate a Tweet. Make sure you have a Twitter account to sign in with. You can submit your own Tweets, Tweets from your friends, Your favourite Tweets or finally through Twitter search.

Next, let the community vote. Don’t forget to vote for your submissions.

The last step is to count the votes. This is where the magic happens. The winning Tweet gets on to a Tee.  Check them out.

I submited 3 Tweets myself. Tweets I would love to see on my Tees.

I hate #streamyx

time to balik rumah!!


Vote for the Tweet you like. It just might end up on a tee.

  • Well…. Another pack of shirts for Internet geeks….

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